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Most women love the mall and shopping for clothes, but for me, nothing gives me a thrill like a cheap Kijiji purchase.  I scour the site looking for great finds, and then toss and turn all night, unable to sleep as my creative juices begin to flow. I often already know exactly what I am going to do when I purchase something old and used, but not always.  I saw this idea else where and just had to do it.

Grungy Old Coffee Table

french provincial style coffee table Clearly this table is not old and grungy. This is similar to the style of mine ~ French Provincial. I just love the curve of the legs.  However, mine was only $15 and is pictured below.

DSCN1424Not a great before shot, but you get the idea.  (You will often notice my before shots are more like midway shots, as I often get started and then say, “Oh no!  I forgot to take a picture ~oops!”  You can see I had the table propped up and was in the middle of sanding when I remembered to take a picture.

Upcycled Coffee Table, Turned Bench

The first thing I did was sand, TSP, rinse, prime and then paint the table.  What colour you ask?  You guessed it, my all time favourite colour ~ white!

To upholster the top, I took a piece of plywood and cut it to fit just inside the outside edge of the table top.  I then covered it with a 3″ foam piece that was cut to fit the board exactly.  I added some batting over top and stretched it over the top and sides, so that I could staple it on the underside of the board.  I then did the same with my fabric.  Once the “board” was upholstered, I centered it carefully on the table top and screwed it on from the bottom of the table.  This was a pretty easy project, and it is easy to find a complete tutorial on the web.

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2 thoughts on “Coffee Table Upcyle

  1. Hey Cindy, I think that was once our coffee table… It looks just like one we sold on kijiji in 2008… I had always meant to do something like that with it! It’s probably not it but hey, it looks great!

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