Those Bi-Fold Doors Have Got to Go!

Despite the fact that our home is a 1921 home, somewhere along the line there were a few “upgrades” added that seriously compromised the integrity and character of the house.  The bi-fold master bedroom doors were no exception.

Before the Bi-Fold Door Removal

bi-fold doors

French Door Duo

We went to one of my very favourite stores ~ The Old House Revival Company, and found a matching pair of French Doors for around $80 (I think, it’s a while ago since we bought them). They needed to be trimmed a bit to fit, but adjustments were minimal.  (I am so glad my husband is handy.)We gave them a fresh coat of paint (white, of course) and voila!  It is funny how something so simple can make such a dramatic difference in a room.  Like every other room in my house, it is still a work in progress.  By the time I get it all pulled together, I will probably need new bedding and will have to start all over ~ yikes…don’t tell my husband!

french closet doors


I had totally planned to curtain off behind the glass to hide the contents, but haven’t gotten to it and actually like it the way it is (minus the bright orange and white striped dress, that is).