To Save or Not to Save….Deck Storage Box

This pine deck box was a freebie from a friend.  It has served as outdoor toy storage on our front porch for 5 years and was very weathered with broken hinges and all.  I was tempted to get rid of it as it just didn’t seem to be worth the work, but in the end we decided to salvage and repair it, as we still need a place for outdoor toys.

The Old Box

Unfortunately, the before shot is once again more of a mid way shot because I forgot to take one. The box was very beaten up as you can still see by the lid. The sides had already been sanded at this point.
old box


Rejuvenated Deck Box

Basically we gave it a rough sand, darker stain and a few coats of urethane that we had on hand. My husband bought some new hinges that will actually hold the lid up when it is lifted. Hopefully this will help prevent the slamming of the lid and the wear and tear on the new hinges.  You can see the new look is much more rustic.  I really didn’t care about the dings and markings ~ they just add character.  Click the images to enlarge the photos.