Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Here is a super quick and easy birthday cake idea.  I made these for my son’s 9th birthday.  Basically, bake a batch of homemade cupcakes.  (These were made from our favourite chocolate cake recipe.)  Purchase waffle cones and a few red gum balls for cherries. (I used some red-coated wire for the stem and just poked it in the gum ball.)  Stagger the cupcakes to create a giant ice cream cone.  I like to do things like this with odd numbers ~ I just think it looks better. Basically, just randomly pipe on buttercream icing to depict the flavours you want.  I then added a few little globs/swirls to make it look more like ice cream.  I used Wilton Tip 12. I began with the cupcake closest to the cone and worked my way to the top of the “scoops”.  I also added a few sprinkles and “chocolate” similar to the original idea. The original idea was taken from Pinterest and so much prettier, but this was for Shay’s birthday, so I tried to go with more of a masculine look.  He loves Tiger Tiger! The hardest part of this “cake” is that you have to change colours so often.  When doing something like this it is often easier to use disposable bags, so you don’t have to do much cleaning between colours.  I think this would be so cute for a little girl, with softer, prettier colours!

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