Disco Birthday Party

I haven’t posted a birthday party theme for a while, so I thought I would toss one out today.  This is based on Eden’s 10th birthday.


I made this invitation and envelope for the party.  The invitation was made by printing the actual invitation in a white font on black cardstock.  The words are on the back of the DISCO invitation.  I downloaded a font called “bell bottom”.  I tried to use 60 jargon (very lame, I know).  I honestly don’t remember why there is green in the center, but I am pretty sure I just printed the white font directly onto black paper.invitation
For the outside of the invitation, I actually used some left over fabric from Eden’s 60’s Halloween costume and some old denim. for jeans. The background was already black, but I gently used a embossing tool to make some little circular grooves in the “record”.  The grooves are a bit hard to see, but I have a circle template in my scrapbooking arsenal, so they were easy to trace out.  The word DISCO was typed in another free font I downloaded called Akka.  I printed the word in black ink on purple cardstock and then cut out all of the letters by hand. I often use funky fonts in my scrapbooking and card making.  One of my favourite websites for free fonts is www.dafont.com.  I think that both of these were from there.  The envelopes were made from plain cardstock and I embellished them with the shoe and peace sign which were both made on my Cricut. (Have I told you that I could not survive without my Cricut?)

disco party invitation


I made my standard birthday banner, but didn’t do much more than that. Eden is getting older and isn’t as interested in a whole party theme.
birthday banner
I made the silhouette of the disco dancers with my overhead projector at school. I simply traced the images onto black paper and then cut them out.

Activities and Games:

Again, Eden is getting older and basically wanted to hang-out with her friends.  We did plan two activities and both worked out well.

  1. The girls played Just Dance on the Wii for most of the evening.
  2. Tie Dye Sharpie Scarves

Tie Dye Sharpie Scarves

For this project, I combined the ideas of from two different bloggers.  Basically, I went to the thrift store and bought a few extra-large t-shirts that were white. It didn’t matter if there was a pocket or small logo on the top as they would be cut off. I washed the shirts and then off the bottom seam.  I then cut across the shirt (parallel to the bottom) to create a loop scarf. I don’t remember how wide I cut them, but I think I got all of the scarves from 2 or 3 extra-large shirts (maybe 8″?)  I then stretched each scarf (loop) as much as I possibly could. Each girl received one of these as her scarf.  We then did Sharpie tie dye on the scarves.   This worked really well and the tutorial I followed was very helpful. One caution though, just be aware of the strong fumes from using both Sharpies and rubbing alcohol. It was okay, but I wasn’t really anticipating that and it is certainly something to consider.


I actually can’t find my party plan. I usually save all of my files, but apparently I didn’t save this one. I don’t remember going theme crazy with the food for this party, but I did have fun making the cake. I used my regular icing to generously coat the cake and then homemade marshmallow fondant for decorating.
disco cake

Loot Bags:

Again, I am not remembering everything we gave out at the party, but I do remember that I made each of the girls a denim purse to go with their tie dye scarf. I made these out of old jeans that we had at home. (I had been saving them for this purpose.)
denim purse and scarf

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