Techno Teen Wows His Family

If you have been reading my posts over the last six months, you already know how I feel about technology and what it is doing to our kids. As a teacher and a blogger, I am on the computer every day. As a mom, I am using my device to check hockey schedules, look up new recipes and stay in touch with the kid’s school. You really can’t get away from technology, but what gets me is how our children so easily become totally consumed with their iPods and video games. I feel like 90% of the “battles” in our home are over monitoring screen time and arguing over “who’s turn it is “. I just hate that it is always there and seems to be a constant thorn in my side. Check-out this commercial…it is really well done.Okay, did that not soften your heart just a bit, it certainly made me think twice (even if only for a moment)….this Apple commercial reminded me of the benefits of technology and the incredible convenience it has brought to our lives. I can remember just a few years ago, when I had to lug my camcorder to events in order to record movies. I then had to transfer the footage from the mini-tape (don’t remember what it was called) to VHS without any ability to edit the footage. It was lots of work and I think I still have tape that has never been seen. Now everything is just a click away and it seems that no event goes “uncaptured”. Thanks Apple!

Like the teen in the advertisement, Eden loves to make movies on her iPod and does quite a good job of them.  Perhaps I need to relax and be more open-minded, after all, the techno savvy account for some of the most successful people in the world today. 

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