Shabby Chic Cupcake Wrappers

I searched all over to find a cupcake liner that either worked with my colour scheme or the winter theme, but could find nothing. So many cute little patterns and colour combinations, but not what I was looking for. So, I came up with what I thought was a brilliant idea ~ doilies. I had actually not seen this idea before, but went to my trusty computer all the same. Sure enough, not an original idea!

So, I proceeded to bake my cupcakes using the plain white liners I already had at home and then decided that I would dress them up with the doilies I had already bought for the table. (I am not really a doily gal, but I figured they would work well with the look I was going for and were even a bit snowflake..ish.

How To Make Cupcake Wrappers from A Doily

Here is a great little tutorial on how to make the wrappers. This video suggests cutting them in thirds, but another suggested cutting in half. I might have to play with the size a bit, but for the cost of doilies who really cares if I mess up one or two before I get it just right!

I think this idea will be perfect with our snow theme, but they could also be used to create a more elegant look.  I am sure I will use this idea again.  I am getting excited and can’t wait to pull every together at the end. Of course, you can’t see my cupcakes yet, as I won’t finish decorating them unit Saturday morning.

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