Homemade Valentines

Here are a few samples of some of the homemade Valentine Cards we have made in the past.

When creating a class set, you really need to look at feasibility. You want to plan a card that can be somewhat mass-produced without too much detail work. The friendship bracelet and card was found on dandee. I used her idea and made my own version of it. This was a really cute idea, but without Eden’s commitment to making the bracelets, it would have been a bit much. Eden made all 24 bracelets for her classmates and I made the cards. There are so many cute ideas on the internet and I love giving something handmade. In many cases, you don’t even need to have scrapbooking tools, just create the card/tag on the computer, print them off and cut them into individual cards. I can often get 6 to 8 cards on one page, so you are only printing about 3 pages for an entire class set. I am a sucker for little treats with a tag that has a “play on words” ~ I love those cheesy little sayings! Borrow someone else’s idea or get creative and make your own.

Here are the Valentines I made for Eden and Shay last year ~ very quirky, but oh how fun!

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