Personalized Valentine Bookmarks

We have never been in the habit of giving our kids gifts on Valentine’s Day, but a few years ago, I made Eden and Shay personalized bookmarks in lieu of a card and they were a big hit!

Personalized Valentine Bookmark:

I set my document on “columns” in order to create a narrow document. This allowed me to make both Eden and Shay’s on the same sheet of card stock. Mine are a bit wider than a standard bookmark at approximately 2 1/2″ in width. You could easily adjust your column width if you prefer a narrow bookmark.

I used a large font to print their name across the top and just below, I inserted the meaning of their name. I was surprised to learn how important this was to them. I must confess that the meaning behind their names did not weigh heavily in our selection of names when we had our kids. We certainly looked at the meanings, but it was not a deciding factor.  Despite this, the kids really like knowing what their name means.

Below this, I created an acrostic poem with their name. I printed the first letter in their name vertically down the bookmark and beside each letter, I wrote a brief description of their character using the letter from their name as a starting point. You will notice in Shay’s that I used a little “play on words” with “sonshine” because that was one of our bedtime ritual songs for many years.

I left space to add a little embellishment and sign the card/bookmark and then at the very bottom, added a scripture. Shay is a bit of a worrier, so this scripture was chosen for him.

I followed the exact same process for Eden and then printed out the document with both bookmarks on it.

Finishing Touches:

I then used my scrapbooking materials and tools to dress-up the reverse side of the bookmark.  I made a simple border on my Cricut and added double layered lettering for his name. These were not difficult to make, but I wanted them to last so I laminated them. They have been very durable and the kids continue to use them on a regular basis. Here are some photos of Shay’s, but Eden is still in bed and I don’t know where hers is. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the original document from when I made them, so photos will have to do.

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