Girl Guide Cookie Upcycle

Girl Guide cookie upcycleI was in charge of snack for Girl Guides on Monday night. I was going to send fruit skewers and Girl Guide cookies that we had left over from our fall sales. We only have two boxes left, but thought it would be nice to finally get them out of the house.

After work, I headed to the store to pick-up fresh fruit, but quickly realized that I was not feeling “up to” preparing the skewers. Like most Manitobans, I am suffering from a debilitating case of “I HATE WINTER” and did not feel like cutting fruit and preparing skewers for 14. Instead, I opted for something much simpler ~ 2 boxes of yogurt tubes. I made by purchases and continued my drive home. Enroute, I was feeling a bit guilty about my lame snack and had a brain wave. I thought of a super simple way to kick the Girl Guide cookies up a notch and make them a little more Valentine…ish. Now, this is not about flavour because the cookies are already very good for boxed cookies, it was more about not feeling like a complete loser by bringing yogurt tubes and leftover Girl Guide cookies for snack.

Girl Guide Cookie Upcycle:

I happened to have everything on hand and didn’t have to make any icing, so these literally took 10 minutes to whip up.


  • one box of Girl Guide cookies (mint flavoured)
  • butter icing (I am guessing a generous 1/2 cup)
  • chocolate (I had a few red wafers on hand for Valentine’s Day and I think I melted 5 of them in the microwave.)
  • sprinkles


  1. Break 3 cookies into small crumb-like pieces (I used my food chopper).
  2. Ice the remaining cookies (I actually had left over icing in my fridge, so this was quick – otherwise, just make a very small batch of butter icing)
  3. Sprinkle the broken cookie crumbs on top of the iced cookies.
  4. Drizzle melted chocolate on top.
  5. Add sprinkles.
  6. I had left over candy corn and added one to each cookie as well.

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