Mug Cake Turned Cake Pop

Last week, I was putting together a little gift box for my kids’ teacher for Valentine’s Day. I really wanted to include one of my new favourite things to make, cake pops, but I didn’t have any frozen cake or cupcakes on hand and really didn’t want to make a whole cake for one cake pop (because then I would have cake in the house – again!!) I had never made a mug cake before, but they seem to be quite popular and I thought why not make a mug cake and then turn it into a cake pop.  As a newbie to mug cakes, I do not have a “go to” recipe, so I followed this recipe from the Instructables.

It turned out fine, but there was a bit of cake in the very bottom of the cup that seemed a bit hard and crusty (not sure why). Of course, this didn’t matter to me as the cake was tasty enough and I only required enough to make one cake ball. However, for future reference, I was able to make 4 cake pops from one mug cake.

I am not sure that I would have noticed this had I not been forming the cake into balls, but the cake did seem a bit oily to me. There was a comment on the original post that mentioned using only 2 teaspoons of oil and then substituting the balance with applesauce. I think I would play with this a bit in the future as well, unless someone has a great Mug Cake recipe to share?? I would love to have a “go to” recipe for mug cakes. I love that one mug cake could be used to make a  small batch of cake pops or you could make two and break them up into 4 bowls and have dessert for the whole family. The kids would love warm chocolate cake and ice cream!  I will continue to be on the lookout for that perfect recipe ~ share if you have it!!

Cake Pops:

  • break cake into small crumbs
  • add a spoonful of icing (not too much)
  • form into a dough like texture and roll in to balls
  • dip in melted chocolate
  • add sprinkles

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