T-shirt Flower Embellishment


Do you have one of those scarves that is either too short and too long for it to hang properly around your neck? Or maybe, the length isn’t the problem, you just can’t get your scarf to sit nicely. This is a simple solution and so cute!  When I found this great tutorial on “A Bit of Sunshine” demonstrating how to make a simple fabric flower to dress-up a scarf, I just had to make one. I wanted mine to be very versatile, so I made the flower white and the button in the middle is white as well. I have worn mine lots and love this shabby chic wardrobe upcycle!!

T-shirt Flower Tutorial:

  • Draw and cut-out a 6 petal flower from card stock (about 4″ in diameter). This will become your tracer/template for the other flowers.
  • Using your template, trace and cut-out 8 flowers on an old t-shirt.
  • Fold each flower in half and then quarters and secure the corner with glue (or a stitch) so it maintains the fold.
  • Cut-out a 1″ circle from felt and lay down four of the folded flowers on the base, so that they meet in the middle of the felt and extend over the edges. This bottom layer will essentially form a “circle” and cover the surface of the felt. You will need to secure each of the folded flowers in place with glue or by stitching each one. I sewed mine in place.
  • Take three of the remaining four flowers and create a second layer that is staggered across the joins of the bottom layer. Secure them in place.
  • The last flower/petal will need to be pinched a bit more than the others and glued or stitched right in the center of the flower.
  • Finally, attach a button to the center of your flower using either glue or needle and thread.
  • Cut a long strip of fabric and secure it to the felt backing on the flower. This will be your tie to attach it to a scarf.

*I did not use glue. I sewed everything together, but the original tutorial does suggest glue, so either should be fine. The original tutorial is complete with photos. I did not take pictures of the steps when I made mine because at that time, I wasn’t blogging.

*You could easily attach a hair clip to this instead of the fabric strip and it could become a really cute flower for your hair.


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