Upcycled Piano Update

My husband finished dismantling most of the piano a few weeks ago and it was at this point that we decided to move it to our kitchen. Initially I had no idea what I was going to do with our old piano, but eventually I formulated what seemed like a grand plan. I thought it would be very cool to replace the table in our kitchen with the piano and use it like a “bar” type table. I had ideas for how I might incorporate some built-in cubbies and was deciding on a colour scheme. My only concern was the actual size of our kitchen and how this piece might impact the general flow of the kitchen. Although we already had a table there, it was considerably smaller and I didn’t want to go to a bunch of work and then hate it. When we initially moved it in, I was immediately disappointed as it seemed to over power our long narrow space. We decided to leave it be and live with it for a while before making any final decisions. After about a week or so, I was getting used to it and I felt myself once again getting excited about the idea of finishing this unique piece for our kitchen. I am still in a mid winter “February Funk” and hardly have enough energy to do the menial tasks like cleaning my house, let alone refinishing a piano. So, fortunately I haven’t done a thing with it yet….why is this fortunate you might ask?  Well, evidently it takes more than a week to really get a feel for something. Lately, I find myself walking through my kitchen and feeling an almost uncontrollable urge to kick the stool that seems to constantly be jutting out into the “path” because someone hasn’t pushed it under the piano properly. It seems as though someone or something is always in the way. Yikes! This piano is absolutely not staying in my kitchen, but now I need to get back to the drawing  board to figure out what I am going to do with it and where it is going to go. You can see that the iron harp is still inside the piano. It is what makes the piano so crazy heavy. I still want to remove the harp, but we haven’t had a chance and thought we would leave it until we made a final decision on what to do with it. I actually love the iron and hope to somehow use it as well.

I must say, having the piano “under foot” everyday has been good for something.  First and foremost, my mind is constantly thinking of how I could use it and where I might put it. I don’t have all of the answers yet, but my creative juices are definitely flowing and that’s a start. I really do love the structure and it will be a fabulous addition to our home, I’m just not sure how yet. Secondly, the piano helped me to realize how much I didn’t like the table that sat in the kitchen prior to the piano. It was actually too small. I now know what I want. We need a table that is longer than the old table and perhaps even slightly longer than the piano, but the depth needs to be more consistent to that of the old table for functionality.  I am already busy thinking about how I might build a custom table and/or counter to fit in the space. Here we go again….it seems like there is always a new idea and therefore a new project!

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