Easter Egg Decorating

This is a mid day post, but I figured its better late than never. My kids actually weren’t that interested in decorating eggs this year. They made Ukrainian Easter eggs at school on Thursday and I guess that was enough for them. We ended up decorating a few just before we left for dinner last night.

We tried two different processes both of which required no prep (other than having boiled eggs). Here is what we used:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Sharpies
  • Bingo Dabbers
  • paper towel

I had seen some Sharpie decorated eggs on-line and for those, we basically just doodled. The bingo dabbers were something I thought of on my own. One egg was just “dabbed” to create polka dots and the other was used to draw a random design. I used a paper towel to lightly blend the colours and the result is quite cool. The Sharpies take a steady hand and lots of patience, but really allow you to get creative. I loved the blended effect of the bingo dabbers. Perhaps some ideas you might try next year. I am guessing I won’t even bother boiling eggs next year as the interest at my house was pretty low.