Women in the Media

I’ve done a few posts on this subject as it is one that is close to my heart. I seem to be so much more aware of the issues involving women and how they are portrayed in the media because Eden is at that very impressionable age and it seems to be impossible to escape.

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About Cindy RoyI’m a busy mother, wife and kindergarten teacher. I have a huge list of loves! I love my family, The Source Church, old houses, “up-cycling”, DIY projects, scrapbooking, volleyball, interior design, cake decorating, party planning, healthy eating, and last, but certainly not least…gift wrapping! I just launched my brand new Youtube channel and am super excited to share BOWhemian WRAPsody with my followers. My channel is dedicated to all things relating to gift wrapping and creating beautiful eye catching presents…its all in the PRESENTation! I’m very organized and reflective, and am continually striving to do life more lovingly, passionately, effectively and successfully.

2 thoughts on “Women in the Media

  1. It’s very tough, that’s for sure. We just have to keep on keeping on encouraging our daughters to be strong and believe in themselves; to take a straight academic program in high school so they are ready for the real world; to tell them modesty counts; to tell them the future belongs to them and the others who like them. It’s tough with the likes of Miley Cyrus carrying on shamelessly and getting all the glory, money and fame. Trashy behaviour is always out there and always has been but we have some great Wasslen women in our family, like you, who are solid and focused.

  2. Thanks for always taking the time to reply, Auntie. I totally agree. Our daughters, and youth in general, need great role models and open dialogue about how women are portrayed in the media, so that they can keep it real and recognize their value lies in who they are on the inside – their heart and spirit are what counts!

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