Life Hacks I Love # 11: You’ve Grout to Be Kidding!

Okay, I am definitely on a roll now. I was so impressed with the results from the tub tiles that I had to try those floor tiles just one more time. So, you’ve already seen how disgusting my tub was thanks to the oil my daughter used in the shower, but I honestly didn’t think the tub tiles and floor were that bad. They were “clean”, but the solvents I was using really weren’t that effective. Do you know how frustrating it is to expend the time and energy to do a job like cleaning tile/grout and it really look no better than before you started. I knew the bathroom was clean because I had done the work, but I was never left feeling good about it.

Now, some people have told me they feel bad about themselves when they read my blog because it makes them think about all the things they should be doing. So let’s just get something straight right off the hop. I love a clean, organized and tidy house, but mine rarely is any of the above and when it is, it seems to only be a momentary euphoria. Those of you with kids know exactly what I’m talking about. Spend two hours vacuuming and mopping the floor and as you pack up your cleaning supplies, you spot a kid caring a bowl of Rice Krispies to the living room, so they can watch TV while they have a snack. Are you kidding me?? Ahh!! So, if you are thinking I’m so great because I get all this stuff done, don’t kid yourself…ask anyone who pops by unannounced, my house is far far from perfect. In fact, think of it this way…how on earth did I ever let my bathroom get to that state in the first place! (Now in my defence, I had tried many times previously, but to no avail.)

Floor Tile Grout Cleaner:

baking soda and peroxide

Stock-up on baking soda and peroxide.

Back to the search engines. I came across this idea that seemed to work well for some and thought I’d give it a try, but I had already used up all of my baking soda on the shower tile. Off to Dollarama to pick-up a few supplies. This cleaning solution calls for peroxide and baking soda. I picked up 5 boxes of baking soda and 4 bottles of peroxide for a buck each. The floor took about 2 bottles of peroxide and 2 1/2 boxes of baking soda. Basically, you pour on some peroxide and work it into the tile with a scrub brush. You then sprinkle baking soda on top and scrub that into the peroxide, working your way into the grout. I then used a paper towel to sop up some of the extra goop and then wet mopped the floor (several times). The only down side to this is that the grit from the baking soda is a bit hard to get rid of. You can’t notice it, but you can feel the texture under your feet. I recommend giving it a few mops, letting it dry and then giving it a vigorous sweeping and/or vacuuming before a final mopping. I know this sounds like lots of work and it was. It took me about 2 hours to do this job, but I am amazed by the results. This doesn’t change the flaws in the grout, but I can’t believe the difference. I honestly thought that the grout colour just faded over time as I never really remember it looking so white.

Here are my before and after shots! These are so disgusting they should come with a warning. I know I am totally sabotaging my image by sharing these before and after pictures, but it’s all in the name of entertainment. I can’t believe that I could never get any of this dirt off before….how embarrassing! Revel in a snapshot of my imperfection!

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