Sip and Sooth: The Ultimate Coffee Experience

I’ve loved coffee for most of my adult life. For many of those years, I drank my coffee with both cream and sugar. In fact, my son Shay used to believe that Tim Horton’s was actually called “double, double”. When he was little, he would often ask if we could go to “double, double.”  Too funny!

I eventually traded in the cream for milk, but needed the sugar to balance out the bitterness. A few years ago, I attempted to restrict my sugar intake and one of the things I focussed on was eliminating sugar from my coffee. At first, I hated it, but in my research I also learned the benefits of cream (and the extra fat) over that of milk. So, I was successful in eliminating the sugar, but to compensate began drinking my coffee with cream only (not milk).  Today, I can’t even drink a coffee with sugar in it as it is so sweet it disgusts me. If I order specialty drinks at Starbucks, I always request half the syrup, as the drinks are now way too sweet for me. It is so funny how your taste buds change when given the chance.

Coconut Oil in Coffee:

Recently, my  chiropractor recommended putting coconut oil in my coffee in lieu of the cream. He talked about he benefits of the fat, especially first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The fat also helps with the absorption of some vitamins and other supplements such as vitamin D.  I had heard of people putting butter in their coffee as well, but both seemed a bit weird to me.  However, I’m pretty open-minded and already knowing the fabulous benefits of coconut oil was willing to give it a try.  The Alternative Daily states:

Healthy saturated fat is not only good for us, but essential for numerous bodily functions. Coconut oil is described as one of the healthiest saturated fats on the earth.

Of course, I have coconut oil at home and so I put it to the test the following morning. I simply added a teaspoon to my hot coffee and stirred it in until it melted. This was the result:

Sip and Sooth:

I did not take the time to do anything fancy, as that would require extra time in the morning that I just don’t have. Despite the simplicity, I really enjoyed the flavour and surprisingly, didn’t miss my cream. Aside from the incredible medicinal properties of coconut oil, the oil in my morning coffee also serves as an incredible “spa” treatment for my lips.  With each sip, your lips automatically receive a coating of oil and living through our bitter cold/dry winters my lips need all the help they can get. Think of it as a two for one: you get the great medicinal properties of coconut oil that your consuming coupled with an incredible lip moisturizer. Gotta love it!

If you are not yet hooked on coconut oil, you really should take a few minutes to read about its great properties and benefits. Well-Being Secrets recently published a very comprehensive blog post on 28 Science-Backed Benefits of Coconut Oil. The article is extremely well written and packed with valuable information on how coconut oil can aid in the combat against numerous ailments as well as its benefits in weight loss. I love how the article includes a table of contents to easily navigate through the article and find exactly what you’re looking for. Check it out! 

Coconut oil really is a product everyone should be trying to infuse into their diet. Adding it to your coffee is such a simple way to incorporate coconut oil into your daily diet….give it a try!

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  1. Thank you for this Cindy. As you know, I am lactose intolerant and use Coconut Dream instead of milk, but I have not used cocnut oil. But I will now. Thanks again.

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