Doll Tights in under five minutes: Emily Rose has Pantyhose

Thanks to Kelli Stewart for this great guest post on a creative way to may tights for a worn out doll. She is amazingly creative and works wonders with a sewing machine. Finally a use for those odd socks that mysteriously lose their partner in the wash!

Caring for the ones you love

IMG_3445My Daughter Emily has a baby doll that she says is her sister that she named after herself. The doll is much loved and was starting to show how loved she was. Embarrassed of how ratty she was looking, I would tell Emily that her doll would have to stay in the car instead of coming with us, “so she wouldn’t get lost when we were out”. But nothing gets past her.

A sales clerk asked my Emily the typical questions you ask a three year old. “What’s your name, sweety? How old are you? Do you have any brothers or sisters?” Emily answered them all.
“Yes, I have a big brother named Nathan and a little sister named Emily.”
Puzzled, the clerk asks, “Emily? isn’t your name Emily?”
Quick as a whip, Emily replies, “Yes, it is. Her name is Emily too. She’s one. But Mom thinks she’s too dirty looking to take out, so we left her in the car.”
Horrified, the sales lady shot me a look.
“It’s a doll!” I mouthed. With no uncertainty, I realized I was indeed a neglectful parent to Emily, my doll daughter. She needed a going out outfit ASAP. I sewed her a dress and made the real Emily shorts to match her sister.

My Emily is five now, and still loves Emily Rose (the Rose addition came later after many confusing conversations!). Emily Rose is looking pretty good for a favourite toy, but I thought it’s time to sew her some tights to keep the fabric part of her body from wearing out sooner rather than later.
One bobby sock later, Emily Rose has Pantyhose!

Here’s how…

  • Iron a crease in the sock so you have a 1/2 way guideline.
  • Turn the sock inside out.
  • Put the heal of the sock where the bum is.
  • Pinch where you want the crotch (I made Emily Rose’s lower so it was at the top of her legs… the bean bag stuffing isn’t what it used to be, and this hides it a bit). Mark it with a dot.
  • Flatten out the sock as shown.
  • Draw equal sized legs.
  • Make a curve part at the toe line. The toe of the sock will become the toe of the dolls socks.
  • Sew with a stretch stitch.
  • Cut close to the stitch.
  • Sew again with a zigzag stitch over the cut edge to keep it together.
  • Reinforce the crotch.
  • Turn right side out.
  • Done!
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