Teen Room Project #3: Canopy

I think Eden has always had some form of a canopy in her room. For this room, she had her heart set on a simple tulle/white light canopy over her bed. Of course, she had no idea how we were going to pull this together, but a good idea of how she wanted it to look.

We were able to upcycle the former hoop style canopy she previously had and create our own version of the lighted canopy. Although this is mostly finished, it may need more tulle/bulk to get the desired look. We will also need to conceal the cord, but that will have to wait until her new mural is completed. She is happy with it, but I’m not quite sure this will be the finished look ~ once some of the other projects are complete we can assess if the current contraption looks substantial enough. To me it seems a bit small for the space.

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