Antique Coat Rack

antique coat rackMany years ago, my grandparents were downsizing and had an auction sale prior to moving into a seniors’ facility. I managed to pick-up their antique coat rack at the sale. I loved the coat stand and it also allowed me to keep something that had belonged to them. Over the years, it suffered many chips and nicks and although the transformation was far from dramatic, I am pleased with the results of the stripping and staining.

Circa 1850When stripping, I find the Crica 1850 products work great. They are strong and fast acting products that require proper gloves and protection. Although effective, be careful when using these products. I’m not quite sure what type of wood my coat rack is, but the grain is not very visible and it seems to have a natural redish hue ~ maybe fir? I chose a deep brown stain that helped to tame the red and a satin finish, as opposed to the old high gloss. I love how it has more of a matt look.

antique coat rack