Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas: Cork & Black

This is a super simple gift wrapping design, but the fun is in the unexpected. Such an unlikely Christmas look…plain black paper dressed up with dollar store metal ribbon (love this) and a cork snowflake. The design is anchored with a plain canvas looking fabric ribbon that draws on the cork colour. The lesson in this look is really just about thinking outside the box. Black and brown are not typical holiday colours, but I think it’s the simple colour scheme with a variety of textures that makes the design so elegant. You really have to pick up some of that metal ribbon…such a cool embellishment!

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Gift Wrapping Tips: Post 3

silver bows

I love purchasing these cheap little bow sets. They are so tacky and yet can be incorporated into an overall look that is very elegant. This particular package is a bit different from the bow in my example, but it came from a cheap set like this that I bought at the dollar store. I really like the “mesh netting” I used in the example below and am always on the look out for this particular style. The ones above work in much the same way, just a bit different look.

Pulling it all together:

  • These little boxes were purchased as a set (of 2 or 4?) from the dollar store.
  • I made the matching gift cards with a snowflake stamp and white ink on matching blue paper that I cut into circles. I added a button brad to the center and a few dots of glitter glue to add a bit of sparkle.
  • The embellishment on top consists of one of the dollar store mesh bows, opalescent shreds, basic white curly ribbon and a 6 -8 inch strand of wire holly garland twisted to give the look added dimension.

The above shots are all of the same gift, just different angles. I love the little flap on the dollar store box that also has a snowflake on it. So cute, for so little!

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