The Plan and Prosperity

What is Prosperity?

PROS’PEROUS, a. L.prosperus. Advancing in the pursuit of any thing desirable; making gain or increase; thriving; successful; as a prosperous trade; a prosperous voyage; a prosperous expedition or undertaking; a prosperous man, family or nation; a prosperous war.

Prosperity is Not Just About Money

I believe that we are meant to be prosperous in all that we do.   That means we need to strive for abundance in all areas of our life… in health, happiness, love, relationships, family, finances, etc.  There is always room for growth and change, and we need to try to be examples of God’s goodness in all that we do.  “Blessed to be a blessing to others.”

Prosperity and The Plan

the planI am so excited to share something that could truly bless you, as it has me.  On May 16th, I embarked on a new adventure in my quest for optimal health.  People would not describe me as overweight, but I am someone who never feels great when I am carrying those extra 5 to 10 pounds.  Unfortunately, I feel like that has been most of my adult life!  I certainly have worked hard through both exercise and diet to rid myself of those few pesky pounds, but with little success.  I could lose the first 2 to 4 pounds without too much difficulty, but despite continuing to eat well, I would find the scale crawling back up.  It was usually at this point that I would throw my arms in the air and say “Really….I am working my buns off trying to eat well and exercise regularly, only to gain weight!  Forget it…pass me the cheesecake!”  I have literally tried everything….Blood Type diets, weight loss Shakes, Eating Clean, Paleo, The Primal Blueprint, Weight Watchers, etc.  Again, I achieved some success in all programs, but it was always short-lived and I really never felt great.  I was either hungry, had stomach issues or hated the food and it always ended in extreme frustration.  However, in May, I came across an article describing a book that was being endorsed by Dr. Oz.  I was really intrigued, because I have been a long-standing believer in the philosophy that there is no diet on the planet that will work effectively for everyone.  I believe that every individual reacts differently to food, but I just never had the tools or knowledge to figure it out for myself.  I immediately ordered the book from Amazon and became totally immersed in my new purchase.  Now remember what I said in a previous post, when I truly commit to something, I am ALL IN.  I don’t waiver or cheat, I stick to the program in order to get the results I seek.  So, when I say that I bought in to the concept shared in Lyn-Genet Recitas book called THE PLAN.  I mean I was/am 100% committed.  It has only been a month, but I can’t believe the results.  I am just 2 pounds over my high school graduation weight and what’s even more exciting is that I am learning how to test the foods I love and discover how my body reacts with each and every one of them.  I have already discovered that “healthy” foods like Rye (bread, crackers, etc), sole fish and chick peas cause me to gain weight and that my body is very sensitive to sleep deprivation.  When I have a bad sleep or go to bed later than usual, it shows up on the scale the next morning.  The most exciting part is, that I have also learned which foods are “friendly” and help my body to recover from the inflammation caused by those foods that I “react” to.  I have finally lost those miserable pounds and am now approximately 8 pounds lighter than I was a month ago.  I am not hungry.  The meals are easy and delicious and I love the idea that I have a “Plan” for when I do react to a food, so that I can immediately have a few “friendly days” to counteract the inflammation and get right back on track.  I have control and feel great, finally!!  Thanks Lyn!!

Be Committed to Make Positive Changes in Your Life ~ You Won’t Regret It!

Like The Plan and my health, I know that when you make any changes in life, you must be committed to make them happen.  You must focus and the choices that you make each day must line-up with that focus for your life.  My neighbor was saying that she has always had difficulty saying no to others and asked me how I do it.  I said that I often used to struggle with that as well.  That is, until I began working on my goals and purpose.  When you are clear about where you are going and what you want in life, it becomes really easy to say “no”.  I just ask myself, “Does that align with my purpose?”  If it interferes with my purpose, the answer is “no”.  If it does align with where I am headed, the answer is “yes” and I can feel great knowing that what I am taking on is helping to propel me closer to where I am going.   For example,  if I am offered a bowl of ice cream ~ it is an easy “no” for me, even though I love ice cream.  It doesn’t mean I will never partake again, it just means that right now it does not fit with my goals and aspirations.  If someone offers me an apple or another “friendly” snack, I graciously accept, because it does not lead me off my path to weight loss.  Like my journey into health and wellness, this philosophy also applies to my goals regarding prosperity.  If I am going to achieve my goals, I need to guard my time and my mind.  I need to make sure that what I am taking in aligns with my goals and beliefs and be sure that I am maximizing my time each and everyday.  My choices must line-up with my overall goals and purposes or I can easily be swayed off my path to prosperity.


What is whey protein?

What is whey protein and why is Immunocal the best product on the market?Whey Protein Isolates?  What are they?  What do I know about them?  I am not expert, but I am a bit of a health nut and am constantly trying new and better strategies and products to obtain optimal health.  Despite this, there is one product that I will never stop taking.  Immunocal is the miracle product that every person should be on.

Whey protein:  What is isolate?

 Taken From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

whey protein isolate (often whey isolate) is a dietary supplement created by filtering milk protein. Whey is a by-product of the cheese-making process. Whey can be processed to yield whey protein in three forms: whey isolate, whey concentrate, or whey hydrolysate.

Whey proteins are highly bioavailable, are very quickly absorbed into the body, and have a high concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)[1] which are highly concentrated in muscle tissue, and are used to fuel working muscles and stimulate protein synthesis.[2]

The difference between the whey protein forms is the process used to filter the proteins. Whey isolates yield a higher percentage of pure protein and can be filtered enough to be virtually lactose free, carbohydrate free, fat free, and cholesterol free.

For more information on whey proteins and the difference between Whey Isolate and Concentrate, visit The Fitness Doc’s Blog and/or Femmefitale.

 Whey protein isolates in Immunocal rank high in the market?

Immunocal is a patented supplement that in nature is most similar to mother’s milk. It is over 90% pure protein and has a biological value higher than any other protein supplement or food available. The term “biological value” (BV) refers to a measurement of how important any edible protein is to your body.

Taken daily, Immunocal will raise your body’s concentration of glutathione (abbreviated as GSH), a molecule referred to as “Your Body’s Most Important Protector”. Most individuals have never heard of glutathione, however given the huge amount of research publications on the subject and the large impact it will have in future health care, the term glutathione will shortly become part of our everyday language, the same way as we use the words “antioxidant” or “cholesterol”. To date, there have been over 80,000 published articles on glutathione in the medical literature.

Glutathione is considered by many researchers to be the superhero of antioxidants.  Our bodies produce glutathione and it is responsible for fighting off toxins in our bodies.  Because our bodies produce it, it is difficult to take it as a supplement.  Immunocal is a product that was developed by Dr. Gustavo Bounous in the 70’s.    This product, unlike others, is not just a whey protein supplement, but it is integral in promoting the production of glutathione in our bodies. His long standing research is well respected and the results of the product have been life changing for me and many others worldwide.

Check out Dr. Oz’s video on how glutathione works.

Dr. Gutman is currently the senior medical consultant with Immunotec.  Check out this interview with Dr. Gutman.  He will be speaking in Winnipeg, MB in July 2013.  His extensive research on the subject makes him one of the world’s most predominant experts on the subject.  Come and check it out.  You can find out more about the company, events and its products by visiting the Immunotec website or by googling “immunocal testimonials”.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity to achieve long term health benefits.

Some of the numerous health benefits of whey protein and regular Immunocal consumption can be found in this article below and the research is supported by Health Canada.  The benefits can be summed up by the following acronym:





The Best Whey Protein Supplement for Optimal Health

If you or your family members are suffering from any diseases, conditions or ailments it is worth doing some research to see if Immunocal will help.  People all over the world are having incredible results with this product.  Success ranges from elite athletic performance enhancement to incredible relief from symptoms and disease.  There are continuous studies being done on the effects of Immunocal with a current focus on Lou Gehrig’s Disease, Autism and Alzheimer’s.  The key is continuous daily consumption to help your body restore depleted glutathione levels which are key to fighting off sickness and disease.  This product is way more than just a whey protein supplement, it is the key to optimal health and wellness.  The results speak for themselves, so I encourage you to research what ails you and see what kind of research and testimonies you can find on the success of Immunocal with your particular condition.