Birthday Cake Montage

After sharing a picture of those hideous cupcakes from Shay’s bowling party, I thought I would try to redeem myself by posting some of my better attempts at cake and cupcake decorating. This was fun to put together as it took me on a trip down memory lane. I have posted a few of the details for some of the party themes I have done and will eventually get to them all.  Below is a list of the themes I have done over the years. If I have already posted them, the links have  been added if you are interested.

Party Themes:

  • Jungle Party (for a 1 year old boy)
  • Train Party (2 year old boy)
  • Disney Cars and Spiderman were Shay’s 3rd and 4th birthdays (Both were lame in my opinion. I wasn’t well one year and we were in the middle of moving when his 4th birthday came along – I bought the cakes and the themes were “loose” at best ~ Sorry Shay!!)
  • Pirate Party (5 year old boy)
  • Star Wars (6 year old boy)
  • Bowling Party (7 year old boy)
  • Winnipeg Jets Hockey Party (8 year old boy)
  • Lamb Cake – this wasn’t really a theme, but Eden used to cry like a baby lamb, so we had a lamb cake for her first birthday.
  • Butterfly Theme (2 year old girl)
  • Snowman Birthday (3 year old girl)
  • Princess Party (4/5 year old girl – Eden was so into princesses we did the theme not once, but twice.)
  • Spring Theme Party (6 year old girl)
  • Hawaiian Theme (7 year old girl)
  • Sleepover Party (8/9 year old girl – again, did this twice)
  • Disco Party (10 year old girl)
  • Eden didn’t want a theme for her 11th party – I think the end of this era is just around the corner.  So sad.
  • Snowflake/Winter Party (12 year old girl)

I also thought I would include the link for the basics of planning a birthday party.

Cakes From Parties Past:

If you would like to view this as a slide show, just click an image and it will not only enlarge it, but take you to the slide show option.

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Snowman Birthday Party

Well, it’s January and with it brings Eden’s 12th birthday. I can’t believe it….she is already booked for her first babysitting job. Now that the kids are getting older, they aren’t very interested in the “over-the-top” theme parties that I used to do. I still like to make a nice invitation and cake, but the theme related games, decorations and activities seem like they are becoming nothing more than a distant memory. How sad! I used to love pulling those parties together ~ maybe I’ll be a Party Planner in my next stage of life? We hope to finalize some plans and pull things together for finalizing her plans for this year, but I know that my role is progressively becoming less significant as the girls are quite happy just to hang-out and amuse themselves, but in honour of her January birthday I thought I would share some ideas from one of her past parties.

Snowman Birthday Party

I need to begin by saying that this was early on in my birthday party planning craze and I was not yet adept at making sure every single detail was taken care of. She didn’t have a birthday party with friends until she started pre-school. Because the party was primarily adults,  there weren’t any games, activities or loot bags.  I have included some of the ideas I used for Eden’s party, but have also included several others that I either thought of or found on the web. This party was back in the “olden days”, pre-digital camera and I couldn’t find the negatives anywhere. I am embarrassed to say that the pictures I am sharing are photos of photos. How tacky!  Anyway, no other choice. I was also quite surprised to learn that I don’t even have a full picture of the birthday banner. I think I got better at taking photos of everything, as I did more parties.

As shared in my previous post on the basics of planning a birthday party, I always consider 6 main areas when pulling a party together:

  • invitations
  • decorations
  • activities/games
  • food/snacks
  • cake(s) ~ plan, design and bake a cake/cupcakes (or save the hassle and order one)
  • loot bags

Snowman Party Invitations:

snowman birthday invitationThere really is nothing fabulous about the invitations I did for Eden’s party. I was not yet into card making and thought I was brilliant because I scanned the napkin so that the invitations matched the napkins. They were fine, but nothing special. I would do something totally different now that I am into scrapbooking and card making. If you simply google “snowman birthday invitations” under images, you will see hundreds of great ideas. You can also refine your search to “homemade snowman birthday invitations” for even more ideas. I often search the web for ideas before coming up with my own.

Snowman Party Decorations:

Again, I don’t seem to have great pictures from the party, but below are a few of my favourite party ideas from her snowman themed party. I always make a huge hand-painted birthday banner that is theme related. This might have been the first year I started this tradition! I don’t have a picture of the whole banner, but I remember it was on black with both light blue and white paint. My favourite part was the snowman family in the bottom left corner. Each member of our family made a footprint and then I added the details to make them into snowmen for the banner. Of course, there were snowflakes painted on the banner as well. After the party, I cut-out Eden’s footprint and included it in the scrapbook layout from her 3rd birthday party. The foot print is a great memory in itself. I did something similar for Shay’s pirate birthday with a hand print parrot on his banner.

For this party, I wanted to have an indoor snowman for photo opps. I purchased a large white Christmas tree bag over the holidays and then we stuffed it with shredded paper. It worked fine, but it was quite a bit of work collecting enough paper and you really had to have white or it showed through. If I were doing it again, I would use some of the other great ideas I found on Pinterest for making indoor snowmen. When I think back to the planning of her party 9 years ago, I realize how much has changed in terms of technology. I did find some ideas on line back then, but the ideas (especially the images) were quite limited. Social media sites like Pinterest have made it so much easier to share great ideas.

For the centrepiece on the table, I made a snowman ice sculpture. I froze water in balloons (with varying amounts of water in each) and then melted the flat side slightly so that the balls would adhere to one another. This worked perfectly. I added the embellishments the same way…..I slightly melted the area I wanted to adhere the eyes and then attached them. I did prepare the snowman ahead and re-froze him on my steps. Very cute!

I really don’t have a picture of them, but I had also used plain white balloons that I decorated with a face and hat so that they all looked like snowmen. They also turned out well.

Here are a few pictures from Eden’s Snowman Party.

When preparing for this post, I found so many other great ideas. If I were doing another Snowman party, I might consider including some of these great ideas.

For more creative indoor snowman ideas, visit Amazing Interior Design.

Snowman Party Activities and Games:

As mentioned earlier in the post, I didn’t plan anything for our party as Eden was only 3 and it consisted primarily of adults and older kids. However, being a teacher, I can tell you that there are many great ideas based on a winter/snow/snowman theme. Pinterest is always a great source, but here are a few that I came up with quite quickly. Of course, you would need to pick activities that are age appropriate.

  • pin the carrot on the snowman (you could even use the refrigerator for this as shown in the pictures above)
  • make your own snowman using cornstarch and shaving cream
  • snowman bowling
  • Snowman Game using toilet paper and accessories to dress each other up like snowmen. Check this and other great snowmen ideas out at Fun on a Dime!
  • make snow globes
  • go sledding
  • in a perfect world you could actually go outside and build a snowman with the freshly fallen sticky snow (Ha! Ha!)
  • marshmallow snowman (lick and stick the marshmallows on paper to make a snowman picture)

There are so many fabulous ideas for this theme, I could go on forever, but I am becoming deeply saddened that I will probably never get to plan another snowman party again. Rats! I would do it SOOOO much better if I had another chance.

Snowman Party Foods:

Snowman Cake and Cupcakes:

For Eden’s party, I opted for a 3D snowman cake. I wanted a really bright white icing and so I used my mom’s recipe for 7-Minute Frosting. I find it a bit sweet now, but it was my favourite when I was a kid. Again, you can search for all kinds of great cake and cupcake ideas, but here is a picture of Eden’s cake. I actually can’t totally remember what I made the hat out of, but I want to say a “wagon wheel”  with chocolate cookies stacked on top??  The hat is very dark in all of the pictures and I made this cake 9 years ago, so I don’t exactly remember. I still have the print out of the recipe and directions, but I know I did a bit of my own thing as well. I tried to find the link, but the page is no longer there. Sorry! Again, this is certainly not one of my better cakes, but I guess it illustrates my growth and development….let’s celebrate that! What drives me the most crazy is that I actually left the finished snowman displayed on a messy plate. I can’t believe I wouldn’t have cleaned-up the icing drips and crumbs ~ what was I thinking?

Loot Bags:

I didn’t hand-out any loot bags at the family party we had, but here are a few ideas:

  • a snowman cookie in a cellophane bag (I have made those melted snowman cookies before and they are so cute!)
  • snowman kit (I’ve included the link to mine, but you could make a much simpler version if you had lots to make.)
  • crazy carpet
  • snowman or winter book
  • snowman soup (hot chocolate, marshmallows, candy stick (candy cane), chocolate kisses). There is a little poem to go with this, but it is a bit more geared to Christmas. I am sure it could be modified. I have sometimes made these as little Christmas gifts.
  • the crafts the kids make at the party will be taken home as well (example – a snow globe)
  • you could even put all of the loot in a “snowman’s” hat in lieu of a bag

This is theme is so much fun and the ideas are literally endless. So, if you have a winter birthday party to plan why not plan your own snowman party?

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