Yes, It’s True I’m a SEACRET Agent

Me? A Seacret Agent ~ Seriously?

Anyone that knows me well would tell you that I am a classic example of a low maintenance woman. The thought of me promoting skin care and beauty products seems ridiculous, at best.

What Do I Mean By Low Maintenance?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that I don’t follow any kind of a beauty regime.

I shower everyday, but only wash my hair twice per week. I am all about low maintenance and refuse to spend hours “doing my hair”. Like washing, I blow dry and flat iron twice a week, after each wash. The rest of the week is taken care of with a shower cap and a hair brush. Hair products…none, well occasionally hair spray and a drop of that oil stuff I purchased about 10 years ago. I find that product makes my hair feel gross and forces me to wash it every second day or so, no product, no build up and it stays looking and feeling great for several days. On a bad hair day, you might see me sporting a ponytail. At my age, you might wonder why I still have long hair ~ in a nut shell….it’s easy to take care of!

I enjoy an occasional pedicure or spa treatment, but can say that I’ve probably never applied nail polish more than few times and each was a disaster. I inevitably mush one, attempt to fix it and ruin another in the process. Eventually, I just get out the polish remover and clear away any evidence I ever tried to paint my nails in the first place.

For over 40 years, I’ve never committed to washing my face before bed. I know you’re thinking “gross”, but I do not lie, the occasions on which I’ve washed the make-up off my face before bed are few and far between.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do take good care of myself. I’m clean and generally look at least somewhat “put together”, but I just don’t have the time, patience or interest in endless hours of pampering. Since my hair started to go grey a few years back, I’ve had to go in for colour about every 8 weeks. You can imagine the stretch this was for someone who traditionally got a haircut every August in time for the new school year, whether I needed it or not ~ Ha! Ha!  I just don’t see any of this “fussing” as a good use of my time.

Why Now?

In the last couple of years, I’ve noticed that the years of neglect are starting to catch-up with me. You know, those fine lines, wrinkles and age spots creeping their way to the surface of my face. I’ve finally considered the notion that taking care of one’s face/skin might actually be important. Although I’ve bought some products over the years (with good intentions), I just never really committed to using them on a regular basis. Sometimes I think opportunities are all about the timing and such was the case with this Seacret opportunity.

How I Got Started:

salt and oil scrubMy dad is a natural-born salesmen. You know one of those people who can sell virtually anything. A few years ago, he was raving about some skin care products that a family friend told him about. He had decided to become a rep with the company, mostly as a means to purchase the products at a discount. When he began to tell me about them, I was surprised to learn that the products he was talking about were the same ones I got suckered into buying at a kiosk in St. Vital mall, only a few weeks prior. What a coincidence! Anyway, I purchased a few products from the Seacret kiosk and other than the incredible Salt and Oil Scrub for dry hands, most of them sat unused in my medicine cabinet.

A recent call from Jesse, the same friend that had introduced my dad to Seacret a few years prior, got me thinking about the products and business opportunity. Jesse had become very successful with Seacret and his call peaked my curiousity. I decided that I should really give their skin care product line a try. My dad had purchased a “kit” when he joined the business and had hundreds of dollars of products just sitting there. He admitted he was never going to use or sell them and asked if I would be interested in having the business transferred to my name. Although I don’t really see myself doing a bunch of home parties, I decided that I could begin to use the products, share my experiences and pursue some online marketing. (I totally love the idea of earning extra money from home.) I decided to go to a Seacret presentation to learn more about the business and products and admit I was quite impressed.

Despite having a very traditional career as a teacher, I’ve always had the “entrepreneurial” bug and have dabbled in many businesses and opportunities over the years. From a small painting business with my husband, to restaurant ownership and several little network marketing businesses, I have always loved being around business-minded people and especially love the positive energy that often accompanies opportunities like this.

Why Seacret?

There are so many great networking businesses out there, but for me the decision was pretty easy.

  1. My dad had already purchased a starter kit and established the business, but it was “inactive”. Start-up costs for traditional businesses can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Networking companies allow the average person to start a business with minimal cost and virtually no experience, as training is a big part of these types of businesses. For me it was as simple as reactivating the existing business.
  2. Unlike most people, who have a preconceived idea about what network marketing is, I know first hand how powerful these types of businesses are. They are not get rich schemes, but rather work on the exact same system as every other business or structure. The harder you work, the greater the rewards. Sometimes people say that the people at the top make all the money ~ not unlike our government, education system or any business for that matter. The only difference is that the middle man is taken out and products go directly from the manufacturers to the consumers instead of through retail outlets, and the savings are passed along to the agents or sales team. They are primarily based on word of mouth advertising, although many internet marketers have aligned with networking companies by becoming affiliates and promoting their products on-line.  The great part is that you are paid based on not only your own personal work ethic and productivity, but also on that of your entire team’s.
  3. With the baby boomers aging, skin care and anti-aging products have become a billion dollar industry. The demand is already there and with Seacret originally launching its products in kiosks throughout North America, they already have an established market and customer base.
  4. I knew it was time for me to make a commitment to looking after my skin and why not use a premium product line that has proven results and is available to me, as a representative, at a wholesale price?

As I begin this process of developing a Seacret business, I need to become more familiar with the products. In late January, I tried doing the daily skin care program, but only lasted a few weeks before falling off the wagon. I know that I need to commit for a few months in order to see a difference and truth be told, I should be using their “age-defying” line, that is getting such rave reviews. However, with so much product already in my house, it only makes sense to start with the products that had already been purchased by my dad. If in fact I can stick to the program, I will treat myself with the anti-aging system, but there is no point spending the money if it is just going to sit in my cupboard! I will keep you posted as I try new products and let you know my thoughts and experiences.


If you were one of the many people who purchased Seacret products from a kiosk and liked them, but didn’t know where to buy them now that the kiosks are gone….look no further. Follow the link to my Seacret site and purchase products directly from the company.

Or maybe you’ve never heard of the company or products before, but are looking for a great skin care line. Either way, just follow the above link to learn more about the company and its products.

If you’re like me and love a good deal, check-out how you can bundle products to get great deals or become a VIP customer and earn points towards future purchases.

Not everyone is cut out for a home based business, but it can be extremely rewarding and the potential is really only limited by the effort and time you commit. If you are interested in knowing more about the business opportunity, please follow the link or contact me directly via email or by commenting below.