Love is in the Air ~ A Wedding Gift Idea

Tis the season.  The season of love and weddings that is.  I am at that age right now where I am just starting to get invited to weddings again.  It seems that when you are younger, you are constantly going to the many weddings of family and friends your age. However, as you get older and begin to start a family of your own, your peers are doing the same.  It had seemed like ions since my hubby and I had been to a wedding, until our cousin’s daughter got married last summer.  Since then we have had two other family weddings on the radar.  This post is all about coming up with a unique gift idea for that special wedding you might be attending this summer.  This video is a special toast from the maid of honor to her sister.  I am not nearly as creative as this sister of the bride, but wow!  What a great job and special wedding gift!  (Me singing to the happy couple might actually be considered an “anti-gift”, just ask my family!)

A Personalized Romantic Wedding Gift

A personalized romantic wedding gift is not always right for the intended couple, but I had lots of fun putting together my gift for the bride and groom last summer.  It was personalized, unique and romantic.  Since it is wedding season, I thought I would share with you what I did for their gift in hopes that it might inspire others to think outside the box when determining what to give that extra special couple in your lives.

Wedding Gift ~ Part 1

I am into card making and all things pretty.I thought that the bride was much the same and might like the wedding gift I had in mind.  I ordered them a personalized address embosser. Although “snail mail” is a thing of the past, I thought that it would be perfect for her thankyou cards, if nothing else.  It is also great for Christmas cards or any other special card or note you might send by mail.  I ordered the embosser from and was very impressed with the quality when it arrived.  (Although I haven’t specifically asked her how she likes it.)  This is an example of the one I got for the couple last summer. There are many styles to choose from, but I wasn’t sure if the bride was keeping her last name or not and so I went with this option.

embossing tool

Embossing Tool


Embossed Address Sample

Wedding Gift ~ Part 2

I went to Pier 1 Imports and bought two wine glasses from their Angled Rim Crackle Stemware line ~ beautiful!  I then contacted Cheryl, from Stellar Designs Jewelry, a local gal who designs and makes her own jewelry.  Cheryl always has a booth at the Springs Church Annual Craft Sale in December and I have bought several pieces from her in the past, including a few custom Graduation necklaces.  I knew exactly what I wanted for this wedding gift and I was sure Cheryl could deliver! I contacted her and we chatted about my idea and she pulled it off beautifully.  She created two custom-made wine charms that were personalized with “His” and “Hers”.  On the back, she stamped their wedding date.  I brought her the glasses and she permanently attached the charms to the glasses.  The charms are waterproof, so can be washed right along with the glasses.

Wedding Gift ~ Part 3

In addition to the above, I found an idea on Pinterest (“from glitter to gumdrops“) for making a Christmas ornament for their tree.  I used Christy’s instructions and made my own version by cutting their wedding invitation into narrow strips and curling them.  I then placed the strips in a clear glass ornament and added a few embellishments.  So cute!  I am sure I took a picture of mine, but can’t find the file.  I made mine very neutral as well, but the invitation itself had a bit more colour.  I finished off the gift with a homemade card that tied the wrapping and theme all together!

Of course, this wedding gift could just be the spring-board for a whole basket of goodies (wine, candles, etc).  There are endless add-ons you could make.  A monetary gift would also make a great addition, if you are wishing to spend more on the couple. For more great wedding gift ideas check-out this link.

Happy wedding gift shopping!!

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