Upcycled Sweater Project

Last spring, when purging some of the clothes that I was no longer wearing, I decided to keep a few old sweaters in hopes of some day trying a sweater upcycle project. I decided to try my hand at homemade mittens and a hat.  The sweater I used for the project was a thinner knit and great to practise with.  The finished product turned out well, but will be more suitable for fall/spring weather than the nasty winter temperatures we have to endure here.  The mittens and hat are light weight and would not be very effective in keeping out the bitter cold.  Overall, I am pleased with the finished product and they were super easy to make.  What a great way to re-use some of those sweaters that are no longer in style.  I don’t own very many wool sweaters, as I find them too itchy against my skin, but I will be on the look out for nice old wool sweaters at the thrift store!

Upcycled Sweater Mittens and a Hat

  • Trace around your hands (or an old hat)Trace Around Your Hand
  • Sew with right sides together.
  • Cut along the outside of the sewn edge.


  • Go big and then gradually make smaller as needed.
  • Use the existing seam along the bottom if possible.  (I used the finished edge along the bottom of the sweater  for the mittens, but had to use the middle of the sweater for the hat.  It worked fine, but is definitely more work because you have to finish the seam along the bottom of the hat.

Homemade Mitten/Hat Tutorial:

If you would like to check-out the instructions I used, visit A Beautiful Mess for both the mitten and hat tutorials.

Here is the set I made.  I added a few stitches to the backs of the mittens to dress them up a bit.  The entire project did not take me longer than about 45 minutes. Imagine all the cute little hats and mittens you could make for yourself and your family! I can’t wait to make a warm wooly pair.

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