Down for the Count

Hi All!

Ironically, I hit my one year anniversary on Saturday and haven’t posted since. I went to bed that evening and got up in the night to open the window. I’m not sure if I was still asleep, had a dizzy spell, fainted or what, but I fell backwards and smashed my head on our hardwood floors. Luckily, my neighbours were able to help out and while Lisa drove me to the ER, Chris stayed with the kids. Tim was at work that night, so I was alone with the kids. As my husband would say, I really “rang my bell”. I had lots of tests and don’t really know why I fell, but despite the goose egg and severe pain, I didn’t fracture my skull and the CT scan showed no brain bleeds. I felt so sick after that I was pretty sure I had a concussion and sure enough, I did/do. I am feeling much better, but get dizzy with any quick movements or turns of my head and thus my world has become very limited until the headaches go away. I am on restricted screen time and have done nothing more than quickly check my email once a day. Of course, doing nothing is not something I do well. If only I could curl up with a good book. Oh well, I know I just need to give it some time. I will be back, but for now I won’t be doing much of anything and will have to put my blog on the back burner until I feel like the symptoms have diminished. I thought I should at least take a few minutes to let everyone know what is going on. Obviously, I will begin to blog again, as soon as I am able. Take care.


PS This might be a great time to search the archives. You can either search the headings or use the search bar to type in key words. Remember there are more than 365 posts on everything from health and wellness to DIY projects. Hopefully, you can find something of interest.