Manitoba Stay-Cation #12: Half Moon Drive-In

It almost seems embarrassing to admit that I’d never been to the iconic “Half Moon Drive In” until Friday evening. Our house was too hot to even think about preparing a meal and we decided to hop in the car for a mini “Manitoba Stay-Cation”. The Half Moon is located on Henderson Highway just this side of Lockport, MB. We have driven by many times and in all honesty, I always thought it was an “order at the window” style drive in. Although you can order from the window, the experience is really all about the fabulous retro “eat-in” style diner. I know this isn’t news to most Winnipegers, as I’m sure I’m among the minority who have never been there before, but believe me it’s no wonder that it’s been so popular for so long. It is like stepping back in time, with the chrome edged tables and checkerboard tiled floor. The decor is really great and our food was delicious.

The Food:

The Half Moon serves what I would consider to be typical drive in food: burgers, hot dogs, fries, onion rings, shakes and ice cream. We ordered 3 burgers (various kinds), large fries, chili fries, 2 shakes and a pop all for under $36. I was pretty impressed with the price as I think we spend almost that much on our rare trips to McDonald’s. I ordered the Saturn Burger which was loaded with toppings including bacon and onion rings! It was really delicious and I was so disappointed when I took the last bite as I wasn’t ready to be done. Everyone enjoyed their meal and I’m certain this will be the first of many trips!

Aside from the great food, there is also an arcade for the kids to enjoy.

Visiting the Half Moon/Lockport:

I know most people have heard of the Half Moon, but if like me, you’ve never taken the time to check it out, do so. You can also enjoy the nice drive down Henderson Highway. There are many spectacular homes along this stretch and to make the most of the excursion, I suggest making it a round trip and taking Henderson one way and River Road the other. It’s also a beautiful drive along the other side of the river (River Road) with many huge homes and a few historical landmarks. Some of the oldest buildings in Manitoba can be found in and around the Lockport area. Of course, Lockport is probably best know for the fishing. The community website is actually quite informative and offers some history of the area as well as information on fishing and their annual Lockport Dam Family Festival which will be held September 12th and 14th.



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  1. I would love to have been with you, had that deeelish lunch and seen the old and beautiful houses. What a fun day.

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