DIY Industrial Style Kitchen Table and Stools

A few months back, we removed our table and chairs from the kitchen and replaced the table with an industrial style table that Tim made specifically for our space. Our kitchen is long and narrow and although there is room for a table, it had to be something that was quite narrow. The table we had was worn and the stools were beginning to wobble, so it was time for an upgrade. I had always found that our old table was too small for all four of us to sit comfortably. It was perfect for two and could accommodate 3 without too much discomfort, but four was simply too many with one side being against the wall. In designing the new table, we were able to extend the length to take up most of the wall opposite our cupboards. We weren’t sure what we were going to do about stools, but after lots of looking and nothing seeming to “fit” with the look, Tim decided to pick-up extra pipe and build stools to match.

I was so excited when he decided to use old tongue and groove boards that were previously installed on one of our basement walls. They needed to be sanded, but I loved how we were able to use the old boards for the stool seats. Although Tim finished making these months ago, it was only this week, that I finally applied the stain and urethane to complete them. I must say they are much nicer to sit on with the smooth finished surface and I am so happy with the look.