Summer isn’t all fun and games!

Well, it’s been a few weeks since my last post, but I’m back from my short holiday and ready to roll. I have big plans this summer and am trying desperately to stick to some sort of a schedule. Obviously, it’s my vacation time as well as the kids, so we definitely need to book in some fun, but I have a very daunting list of “to do’s”. Last year, we tackled Eden’s room and did a complete make-over of her space. It was a big undertaking and took up most of our down time. Of course, we were away for 3 weeks, so between our holiday and her room there really wasn’t time for much else. With Eden’s fresh new space, it didn’t take long before Shay was begging for changes in his room as well.

So aside from all the things I want to get done, I’ve added Shay’s room to the list! I can’t imagine that I can complete even half of what is on my list, but here are some of the things I’ll strive to get done this summer and of course, I’ll keep you posted!

  • Shay’s bedroom make-over
  • Dining Room table – Refinish our old antique table to replace the glass one we’re currently using.
  • Living Room – We are finally going to replace our couch! We all know what that means….we’ll also need a new coffee table, lighting and of course, accessories!
  • I am super behind in my scrapbooking, so I have set a goal of one lay-out per week during the summer. This won’t catch me up completely, but would certainly help to get me on track.
  • Have I mentioned purging ~ well, we can’t forget that! My plan is to tackle one “collection” per week.  Some tasks will be very manageable, but others will take several hours of commitment to get through. I have already gone through my recipe cupboard and have it looking more organized. I was able to purge 6 cookbooks and clean-up the clutter of photocopied recipes. I can’t say I’ve gone through all my recipe binders and removed those I don’t use, but at least the cupboard is looking much better. Still on the hit list are: towels, linens, Christmas decorations, photos, books, toys and the kitchen (yikes).
  • Prep, prime and paint the new laundry room space (I’d love to see it all set-up and ready to go, but I’m not sure we can pull that off this summer.)
  • Mud room make-over ~ this is a bit of a pipe dream and I really have no idea if I will get anywhere with this project, but it is also the area I hate the most in our house. It is completely dysfunctional and very ugly. There is inefficient (or should I say non-existent) storage and it’s completely void of any design elements. Let’s just say it’s a sore spot with me, but the biggest issue is that it will be a huge job and one I can’t do alone. We’ll have to see what’s left in our budget and how much stamina I have left after attacking some of the other items on my list.

So with that said and my goals shared, I’m off to accomplish them.

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