Mystery Box Riddle #200!!

Well, I honestly can’t believe it! You may recall that in June of 2019 I launched BOWhemian WRAPsody; a Youtube channel targeting a very specific niche…gift wrapping! I began the channel not really having a clue what I was doing and basically just learned along the way. My goal was to publish 60 videos in my first year. I really had no idea what the time commitment would be and there was no way to predict the response to the gift wrapping tutorials. I dug and with lots of hard work and determination, I published my 68th video in early March…beating my goal by several months!

This was about the same time Covid-19 was beginning to ramp up. I just didn’t feel right about publishing gift wrapping videos when times seemed so ominous. I decided to use my platform and channel to start producing Mystery Box Riddles for children. It seemed like a good option at the time. I would continue to practise what I had already learned about publishing videos, but in a way that seemed to answer a need in a struggling world. With so many teachers and parents grasping for new and innovative ways to engage online learners, I decided the riddles might be a fun way build language and critical thinking skills! So here I am 8 months and 200 Mystery Box Riddles later! I have decided that #200 will in fact be my last riddle. I enjoy making them, but quite honestly I’m finding it harder to come up with the ideas and avoid duplicating what I’ve already done. I figured that 200 was a good number because there are just under 200 days in a school year. Teachers or parents that wish to make the riddles part of their daily routine, can still do so by showing a new riddle each and every day!

I’m not sure how many of my blog followers actually tuned in each day to see if they could solve the riddles, but either way, I thank you for your patience and support! The riddles will remain on my channel and can be accessed at anytime, but there will no longer be regular publications. Who knows, maybe I will create new ones here and there, but at this point there is no plan to do so.

So, what will become of the channel? I’m not exactly sure. I plan to dabble in gift wrapping tutorials again, but I’m not yet certain of my long term plans. I will probably begin to re-share some of the many Christmas tutorials from last year as well.

With that said, here is the final episode of Mystery Box Riddles.

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