Teen Room Project 1: Shelf

This cheap shelf was purchased at Zeller’s or Walmart years ago. I think it was $15 or $20. It was one of those white melomine units. I upcycled it for Eden’s nursery when I was pregnant. I had added legs to it and it gave the shelf more of a finished look. The legs were in bad shape, so I picked up a package of really nice “chrome” legs from Ikea clearance area for $5.

Shelf from Previous Palette

This is a shot of the back. It was against the wall and was not painted before.

Eden didn’t really like the legs I bought and insisted the shelf sit directly on the floor. Without the legs, it can either stand-up (as is) or lay down horizontally.Updated Shelf

I basically used the old design and taped off the black and white colours that I wanted to keep. I then covered the blue and green with red and grey. (We decided to add grey to the black, white and red colour scheme she’d picked.) I love the new updated look. The coat of grey paint inside really gives it new life!