Homemade Cards for All Occasions

Although this is one of my first posts of this nature, my passion for upcycling, repurposing and homemade projects is always brewing.  Life is generally pretty busy  and I don’t always take the time to work on projects of this nature, but every so often I just need a “creative fix”.  I find that projects that get my creative juices flowing can really consume me.  My mind can become a frenzy of ideas and I have suffered many sleepless nights as a result.  At times, I am frustrated by that fact that I simply don’t have  the time to pursue all of the creative ideas stored in my head.  Sometimes, a little project like making a card allows me  just enough creativity to feed my spirit.

Homemade Cards and Gift Tags

I decided to post a gallery of some of the homemade cards that I have made.  I would consider myself more of a scrapbooker than a card maker and have never really taken card making too seriously.  I generally only make cards as I need them and often do so last-minute.  Most are really easy and quick to make.  I try to remember to take a picture of the cards I make, so that I can re-use some of the same ideas another time.

I tend to use primarily paper embellishments because I have a Cricut and can make most anything I want.  I do a bit of stamping, but am not great at it.  When I have the time, I like to combine mediums and use watercolour pencils, acrylic paints, watercolour paints, markers and glitter glue to add interest, colour and dimension to a plain stamped image.  Mostly, I love to play and often end up tossing out what doesn’t work.  For me the fun is in the process.  I often have no idea or plan for a card, and it just kind of evolves as I muddle through.  I had lots of fun with the gift tags on the bags, as I was not in a time crunch and really just took the time to explore.

Creativity and Wellness

I consider creativity to be a huge part of my own personal wellness.  There is nothing like the feeling of having made or created something on your own.  Sometimes my ideas are borrowed and just tweaked to suit my needs, while other times they are completely original.  Either way, I know that exercising the “right side of my brain”  leaves me feeling fulfilled and at the same time excited to do more of the same.

Have a great do and strive to do something creative.  You won’t regret it!


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