Summer Camp Project Blitz Day 2: Grandfather Clock UpCycle

Yesterday was a busy day!  Got up early and cleaned out the “Lazy Susan”.  Yikes!  That was long over due.  After that I ate breakie, wrote my post, spray painted a magazine rack to give it new life, spray painted some very dated candle holders that I bought at a garage sale for $3, drilled earring holes and spray painted an old spoon rack ($3) to upcycle into a jewelry holder, started to put together some cedar deck chairs that we have not had put together since we moved here in 2008, emptied the dishwasher, washed the covers for the cedar chairs (X2 loads), made supper, went to Mitchell, Manitoba to pick-up what will be my new dining room china cabinet (thank-you Kijiji), and finished my main project…..the grandfather clock upcycle.   However, before heading to bed, I did a few hours research to see if I could identify these oriental tiles that were found in our basement rafters. I learned that they are Chinese Mohang Game pieces, so I took pictures and wrote a comprehensive email to a guy that will give us an evaluation via email.  Whew! What a long day!

(PS If you click on any image in my posts, it will automatically take you to a slide show with enlarged images.)

Grandfather Clock Upcycle:  Before Shots

I don’t usually spent this much on an upcycle project, but when I saw this clock on Kijiji, I just had to get it.  I paid $60 for it and had to purchase rope molding ($11), wire mesh ($2) and floral backing ($1).  I had all of the other supplies on hand.  For me this is an expensive upcycle.  I usually only purchase items under $40 unless it is something that I have an actual need for (like my new/old china cabinet for $170).   The joy in doing upcycling projects (aside from the dramatic before and after ~ of course) is usually the satisfaction in knowing that an item was literally one step from the garbage before I salvaged it.  I love taking something old, worn and outdated and creating something of value that is visually appealing.

Grandfather Clock Upcycle:  Get’r Done!

  1. Remove the clock components, decorative top  and doors.
  2. Wash cabinet down with TSP and/or lightly sand to ensure the paint will adhere.
  3. Use clean water to rinse off the TSP and let dry.
  4. Using the existing top panel of the back (behind clock face) as a template, cut a new backing from scrap wood.  (The original had a circle cut out of the back.)
  5. Measure out the base of the top portion and cut a piece of scrap wood to fit in the bottom over the hole that held the “chains” for the original clock.
  6. Use old pallet wood to make shelves for the bottom portion of the cabinet.
  7. Use old 3/4″ square molding (or something) to make little wood slats to sit along the inside walls of the bottom portion of the clock, for the shelves to sit on. This was a bit tricky as you need to make sure that the wood pieces are installed completely level. I ended up using a 2 X6 scrap piece of wood that was 10″ long as a template/marker for my shelves.  I just stood it on end on the bottom of the cabinet, flat against the side of the cabinet. I laid the wood piece on top of the wood (but not so snuggly that I couldn’t remove the 2 X 6 after) and then used the nail gun to attach the slat to the side. I then repeated the process on the other side. I placed the bottom shelf on the slats (level – nice!) and set the 10″ board on top of that shelf and repeated the steps for the next shelf. It worked well.
  8. I primed and painted the rope molding and shelves.
  9. Primed and painted the entire cabinet…inside, outside and back.  I later decided to paint the interior of the top blue. I bought a small container at Home Depot for $1 as it was mistint.  (I use lots of mistints).
  10. Placed floral backing on the bottom portion of the cupboard.  (Love that – who would know I got it from Dollarama!)
  11. Attached the rope molding with wood glue and held it in place with clamps until it was firmly attached.
  12. Re-attach the decorative top portion of the cabinet as well as the door for the top.  I was leaving the bottom door off of the final piece.
  13. I did one final coat on the exterior of the cabinet to make the rope molding look like it was part of the original piece.
  14. During dry times, I had spray painted the hinges and handle for the top door and then replaced the glass with wire mesh.  It is pretty easy to cut the mesh using tin snips, but make sure you wear heavy work gloves as the ends are sharp.

Grandfather Clock Upcycle Project:  Status Complete

Last year when the kids were at summer camp, I made my husband show me how to properly use some of his power tools and how to install wall plugs for hanging items.  I am so grateful for that bit of knowledge.  I am a bit of a “go getter” and I hated having to wait for my husband’s help.  He always use to say “Why do your projects always become my projects?”  I get that.  I would decide to do a project and would end up needing my husband to part of the job.  I knew that it was frustrating for him, but even more so for me.  I didn’t want to wait for him to do and I hated that I could not do it myself.  I still have lots to learn and by no means is my work without error, but I am getting much better at working through a project on my own.  For this project, I had to get my husband to help me staple the screen on the back of the door, I just didn’t have the strength to staple in the little space that was available to me. He also helped with a stripped screw.  Other than that, I did it all by myself.  Yay!

My plan for this clock was to upcycle it and then resell it.  Now I am not sure.  I know I should not have found my own personal items to put display inside for the photo of the finished product, but it just seemed to need a little something to stage it. Now that my own things are inside, I am not sure whether I am ready to part with this little gem or not.  Maybe I will post it, but be firm on my price…that way I can keep it if I don’t get what I want for it.

Well, back to work.  I still have lots on my list for the week and time is ticking.

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