“Hope” ~ The Secret Weapon to Success

I found this video this morning when I logged in and couldn’t help, but share. I know from my “Quest for 44 Acts Of Kindness” (see previous post) how great it feels to totally refrain from thinking about yourself and focus on others. I wonder if this awesome act of kindness is the seed of hope that this homeless man needed to put him back on track.  I personally believe that hope can be the difference between life and death.

Where there is no vision, people perish ~ Proverbes 29:18

The Seed of Hope

I was recently listening to Pastor Scott Anderson on my iPod and he said something that made perfect sense to me….”fear exists where there is no hope”.  He went on to talk about how people who complain are often those who are not taking steps to make changes in their lives.  Complaining often stems from a fear that a situation will not change and fear becomes more predominant when a situation seems hopeless.  The key is simply taking small steps.  Any step that moves you forward towards rectifying the situation will help to foster hope. You may not have a solution to the circumstances, but by taking action, you create hope and that is the key.  You need to have your sights on where you are going, but the path to get there does not have to be clear.  You can tweak and make changes as you go, but clarity will come as long as you are taking steps forward.  The example he gave was trying to hook-up his TV, DVD, speakers, cable, etc after moving.  He said it was a huge tangle of what looked like a hundred cords.  He looked at the heaping mess of cords and decided to call someone to come and install his devices for him, but would have to wait for several days.  Over the course of those days, he would look at the mess of cords and feel completely overwhelmed and thus do nothing.  Eventually, he became so frustrated with the waiting, that he began to work at the mess one cord at a time. He didn’t know where the cords were supposed to go, but through trial and error, he made it through the pile and was able to cancel the service call. At first, it seemed like a hopeless task and so he did nothing, but as he began to take steps towards sorting it out, answers and ideas came to him and cord by cord he was able to hook everything up properly.

How many of us in life have great ideas or aspirations, but they seem like nothing more than big dreams with no hope of achievement.  It is the fear of failure that keeps you where you are at and prevents you from breaking through and taking those first few steps.  Even when the path is unclear, hope is multiplied by the simple task of taking a few steps in the direction you want to go.  Action=Hope and together, they make the impossible seem less daunting and even possible.

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something.  But I can’t accept not trying. ~ Michael Jordan

What Are You Waiting For?

So many of us have given up on so many of our hopes and dreams by the time we reach 40, and just settle for “doing life”.  We go from day-to-day just getting “the job done”.  How many of you have something deep within you…a dream, a desire, a secret gift or maybe just a project that seems overwhelming.  The fear of failure exists because you have not yet taken any steps towards that dream.  Take at least one small step today and begin to transform that dream into hope.  The change in attitude that comes with hope can be exhilarating in itself.  Remember life is a journey. You will never look back and say “I am so glad that I never took risks or chased my dreams, and just played life safe.”  If you aren’t inspired yet, take the time to watch this inspiration video of a man who simply would not give up on his dream.

Life’s a Dance

This post made me think of one of my all time favourite songs. Remember you don’t have to have it all figured out right now, just start. The only sure way to fail, is to never to have started in the first place!

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