Back To School Woes ~ Shopping for Supplies

Hey all! I am back to work and survived the first week – barely!  It was a tough first week for me, but at least I didn’t have to go school supply shopping for my own kids.  Many of the teachers were talking about school supply shopping and how difficult it is to find the items on their children’s lists.  I have taught first and second grade, as well as kindergarten (my current position), but there have been very few years, that I have sent out a list and had the parents do the purchasing.  I always collected money for supplies and did my own shopping, so that I could purchase in bulk and ensure that every student had the exact supplies I required for the year.  The shopping was quite a bit of work, but it was great to be able to colour code the subjects and have pencils that would sharpen properly!

Fortunately, my own children’s school has always purchased their supplies as well.  I have managed to avoid the dreaded “supply shopping”, but I thought all you parents out there who have just waded through “the list” might appreciate this video.  When I watched this, I couldn’t help but think this is truly how some of the parents must feel when they are going through the list and find items like “Hilroy notebook, 1/2 blank and 1/2 lined, item #1219”!  You’ll notice some of the staff are quite helpful as well. Enjoy!

Well, with the shopping out of the way and the first week behind us, we can all settle back into routine.  Here is to another great year of learning!!