Quick and Simple Christmas Decor

I saw this idea at church on the weekend and the jars looked so pretty. I loved the simplicity and thought it would be easy to replicate. No word of a lie, once I had the supplies home this project took me less than 5 minutes to put together.  At church they had many of these lining the tables in the lounges. It looks beautiful. I just made one for now, but may end up making more. They would make a cute little gift as well.

Christmas Mason Jar Materials:

  • old mason jar
  • wire (Dollar Store)
  • “snowflakes” (Dollar Store)
  • battery operated mini lights
  • optional embellishments (The ones at the church were plain, but I bought a pack of bells, some Snowflake ornaments and some Christmas ornament hooks to add some embellishments.)
  • Fur mat (optional) ~ the jars at church were sitting on a white fur mat and I loved the look.  I picked up some faux fur with my trusty Fabricland membership discount card (I love that card.)

*I love the dollar store. It’s true, you do get what you pay for and must be mindful that the quality will generally be poor, but it is much like thrift store shopping. You are looking for items with “good bones” or structure. I buy most of my Christmas wrapping paper at the dollar store and often incorporate tacky ornaments and decorations into projects and my gift wrapping. Such was the case with the items I purchased to dress up this jar. It is amazing how you can take something that you might otherwise consider very cheap and unappealing and then configure it into something spectacular!

Christmas Mason Jar Project:

  • Wrap the wire around the neck of the jar and then loop it over the top to form a handle. Twist the ends of the wire on both sides of the jar. (1 minute)
  • Put batteries in the lights and shove in the jar. (30 seconds)
  • Dump “snow” on top. (30 seconds)
  • Slip an ornament hook through the twisted wire on one side of the jar and thread on one of the snowflake ornaments. (1 minute)
  • Hook a bell on each end and give the wire a bit of a twist to secure it. (1 minute)
  • Set the jar on the fur mat and turn on the lights. (This actually takes about a minute because you have to squeeze your hand in the jar to get to the switch).
Mason Jar Project

Here is the finished project.

Finished mason jar project

This angle shows you how I used the “s” shaped ornament hook as a feature in the finished project. I love the design of the hook.

snowflake lights

Here are the snowflake lights with two of the snowflakes pulled off.

*I found a set of the battery operated mini lights at the dollar store. They were a buck and I knew they were $4 at Canadian Tire, so I felt it was worth the gamble. I didn’t really like the “snowflake” bulbs and wasn’t impressed when they gave off a blue light instead of the soft white I was expecting. However, I easily slid the snowflake portion off the end and the blue didn’t look quite so bad. I may still pick-up a set of white lights. So simple and pretty.

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