Got static?

We have a huge problem with the very dry air in our 1921 home. We used to have a humidifier, but it died a few years ago and we just never got around to replacing it. Our son tends to get lots of nose bleeds, especially in the winter when it is so dry. Needless to say, this record-breaking season of endless days of minus 3o temperatures is taking its toll. Despite the fact that I could probably count the number of times I left the house in the last two weeks (on one hand), I decided to brave the cold and spend most of Friday out doing errands. I was literally gone for about 6 hours, but I guess that’s what happens when you avoid going outside for such an extended period of time ~ the errands add up! So, on this very cold day, I went to not one or two, but five stores looking for one of the two humidifiers that seemed to have the highest customer ratings.

In the end, I gave up and bought the Honeywell Quiet Care unit that was on sale for $60 at Target. It was 50% off and I was starting to believe the two units I sought (Sunpentown SU-4010 and the Air-O-Swiss A0S7135), didn’t actually exist in Winnipeg. I brought home the Honeywell and Tim set it up. I also purchased a little humidity reader and it said that our humidity level was at 3%, so I figure we were just a smidge above the level in which one dries-up and turns to dust. (I am not sure, but just guessing that is what happens when you reach 0% humidity??) Luckily the Honeywell seems to work quite well and within several hours, we had already reached just over 20%. This of course is still at least 10% below what is deemed to be the “comfort zone” which is denoted as being between 30 and 50% humidity. However, when you’ve been living in 3% humidity and your hair has been standing on end for 3 weeks straight and any physical contact results in an electric shock that has you constantly recoiling, 20% feels pretty good. It is now Sunday evening (two days later) and we are hovering around 28% on the main floor of the house. I must say, I feel like a new woman! Who knew that humidity could make such a difference!

Our Honeywell Quiet Care Humidifier:Honeywell Quiet Care Humidifier

  • we need to fill it about every 20 to 22 hours, but have had it set on “high”
  • it seems to work well and has resulted in raised humidity levels throughout most of our main floor which I am guessing is about 1600 square feet
  • it is a bit awkward to fill as the top of the water tanks are not level and thus when turned upside-down to fill, you must hold the tank to keep it from tipping over ~ not a big deal for us, but perhaps annoying to others
  • we have only had it two days, so can’t comment on the long-term functioning of the unit, but so far so good ~ I would recommend this humidifier to others looking to buy one.

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