Winter/Snowflake Birthday

Well, my little girl is now 12 and has officially reached babysitting age….I can hardly believe it! The birthday celebrations are behind us, but I thought I would share some photos to show you how the theme all came together for the party. Click on the links below to visit the original post for each of the theme elements:

I did end up making cake pops and I have to say I was quite surprised how easy they were to make. I have heard lots of people say how much work they are. To be honest, I found them much easier than many of the cakes, cupcakes and cookies I have decorated. Watch for the upcoming post on how to make Cake Pops.

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Winter Party Decorations: 3D Snowflakes

As I try to find a few minutes here and there in the midst of a very busy weekend, I recruited the birthday girl to make some 3 dimensional snowflakes. They are quite stunning and will really help to create the wintry look I am going for.  Eden’s birthday is now just a few days away and as the weekend draws to an end, I know I will be busy baking cakes and pulling together the final plans for her “Snowflake” theme every evening this week. I decided to go with the “winter” theme not so much because it is a “theme” party, but more so because we were taking the girls “snow tubing” at a local park. As it turns out, I am not sure if we will be able to spend the evening outdoors or not, as the forecast does not look great for the coming weekend. If not, I know the girls will be fine hanging-out at home. Regardless, we will continue to decorate around a winter theme.

Eden did an awesome job of making this 3D snowflake for the party. Although these snowflakes take more time than a typical one, they are not difficult to make and it is fun to include the birthday girl in the party preparations. Here is a complete step by step picture tutorial, but for a complete video tutorial check-out this link.

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Pom-Pom Snowflakes

Well, the Winter Birthday Party plans continue. I got the invitations out and finished her snowflake birthday banner and it turned out great.  Eden is going to be 12 and is pretty much over having birthday parties with activities and games. I still have to make a few decorations, as well as the cake and cupcakes for both her family party and her girlfriend party.

I have wanted to make these oversized pom-poms/paper flowers for like….forever, but have never had a reason to do so. It might be a bit of a stretch, but I thought why not go for it using white tissue and call them snowflakes instead of flowers. I followed Martha Stewart’s tutorial and this is what I came up with. I have only made one so far, but will probably make a few to hang from our chandelier over the table in the dining room. It was super easy to make, but takes a bit of patience and a soft touch to carefully pull the layers of tissue apart.

I think it will look fine when I have everything put up. Sometimes you just have to wait until all of the decorations are set-up for a theme to really come together.

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