Bathroom Make-over

A couple of years ago, I decided to make the upstairs bathroom a little more fun and kid friendly. We only have two bedrooms upstairs and so that bathroom is primarily used by Eden and Shay. When we moved in, the upstairs bathroom had recently been tiled and modernized, but not at all what we would have chosen. We were not going to invest in a renovation, but thought that we could change the look with paint and a few minor changes. The biggest issue was that everyone was so thrilled with the main floor bathroom renovation, that the upstairs bathroom was rarely getting used and it was driving me crazy. Eden and I went shopping together as I thought that including her in the design would help entice her into using the upstairs bathroom. I did not want to sink much money into this, so it was to be done on a limited budget.  The tiles had to stay, but were a neutral beige colour that we were able to work with.  We started by picking out a new shower curtain and then built the palette from there.

Upstairs Bathroom Before:

Unfortunately, I don’t have any great BEFORE pictures. These were taken with the project already underway, but in all honesty it didn’t look much better than this.  There was a vent/fan in the middle of the wall, a towel bar below and a plain white waffle type fabric shower curtain.  The bathroom is very small and the vanity that was in there was poorly installed, so water ran down behind it and between the tub and sink all the time.  It was pretty yucky!! Here are the only pictures I have. You can see that the bathroom was very dark and certainly not very fun!

Upstairs Bathroom Make-Over:

It truly is quite amazing to see what a coat of paint and little creativity can do!!  My daughter picked out a colourful curtain (that I loved as well) and this became the inspiration for the room.  My husband installed a pedestal sink which worked much better in the space.  The vent/fan is still there, but doesn’t seem so bad against the blue walls.  I had the shelf above the toilet in the basement, so just had to give it some fresh paint.  I found some cute little square-shaped glass jars at the dollar store that fit nicely on the shelf. I bought a cheap canvas at Jysk and made a simple piece of art for the room. I found some great ideas on Pinterest and modified them to suit the space. You can check-out my previous posts for further instructions on how to do the subway art chore sign, toothpaste holders and the faux tiled backsplash. In a nut shell, the backsplash was done by taping off squares, adding a plaster layer, painting the “tiles”, removing the tape and then urethaning them. The tiles turned out great and have been very durable. I also made a little “wash your hands” sign for the window sill.

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