Lazer Tag Birthday Invitation

I have posted about making invitations before, but this is about as simple as you get. You just make a full page invitation on the computer and then duplicate the page three times, so that you have a total of 4 copies of the invitation. You then print it in colour on card stock and choose the printing option that allows you to print 4 pages on one page. Each invitation then ends up being 1/4 of a page in size, similar to that of a postcard. I originally tried making the invitation with a plain white background and then printing it onto black card stock, but the ink didn’t show up well. I ended up inserting a black rectangle and then “sending it to the background”, so that all of the text and lasers sat in front of the black rectangle. Of course, this meant that it used more ink to print the invitations, but when you are able to fit 4 per page, it really isn’t too bad.

Here is an example of the invitation and thank-you note page I made for Shay’s party.