Remember that Purple Cabinet?

We recently refinished a beautiful antique oak teacher’s desk for our library.  It was so great to finally get that melamine desk and purple wash stand out of our library/office.  I didn’t want to spend much time on this project as I didn’t really have a plan or destination for it.  What I did know was that although I love purple, it currently has no place in my home.

Antique Wash Stand ~ Before

purple wash stand

The camera flash makes this purple wash stand look extra bright. This is a before shot of our library with the stand and old desk.

purple wash stand

Hmmm….you can still see the dust from around where my printer used to sit. That’s revealing isn’t it?

One of the things I hated most about this cabinet was the handles. What was I thinking when I stained it purple (about 15 years ago) and chose those handles?

Wash Stand Make-Over

I removed the handles and gave the cabinet a quick sand, just to scuff the surface to ensure proper adhesion of the paint.  I also put a bit of wood filler in the holes for the drawer handles as I had planned to replace them.  I recently ran out of white paint, so I had to purchase a new can of Benjamin Moore Simply White.  (Have I told you white is my favourite colour?  Some day, I want to have a white chaise.  I think I’ll wait until I know that there won’t be any greasy popcorn hands or spilt cereal on it ~ the last thing I need is to worry about a piece of furniture getting dirty.)

Antique Wash Stand: The Fresh Clean Look

I simply painted the cabinet with two coats of paint and added shelf liner.  I decided to give the old handles a try and didn’t find them nearly as offensive with the white on white look.


I am not sure if this is where it will stay, but currently it has been placed in my living room next to the fireplace.

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