The Nightstand Solution: Bedside Pocket Storage

Master Bedroom

You can see from the photo that there is no space beside our bed for night stands.

Our bed is set into a small alcove in our room. Although I love the look of this, the trade-off is that there is absolutely zero room for a bedside table. This posed a huge problem for me for several reasons:

  • I often read before bed.
  • I wear glasses and am virtually blind without them.
  • I have a chronic runny nose and never go anywhere without a tissue and that includes bed.
  • I use lip balm and hand lotion right before going to sleep.

I am a creature of habit and when we moved into our house, I knew that I would have to figure something out to make this set-up work.

The Solution:

I bought a piece of fabric that coordinated with our bedding and bedroom colours and made a very simple pocket system that stretches across the bed between the box spring and the top mattress. The width was approximately 16″ (before finishing the edges) and the length depends on the size of the bed you are making it for. We have a queen, so the finished length included the width of the bed plus the fabric needed to build the pockets. To save money, I made joins that were hidden under the mattress. (You could even use old sheets or fabric scraps for the hidden part as it will never be seen.) I finished the edges of the entire piece and then created the pockets by folding the ends up to the desired pocket depth. I then simply stitched the sides to the base and made two additional vertical stitching lines to create three pockets of varying size. This gave both Tim and I our own personal little pocket for our bedtime essentials without having access to a nightstand.

I love that the pockets are almost completely hidden when the bed is made! This is a perfect solution, and is in fact a much “cleaner look” than a cluttered night stand!

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