Wool Wrapped Plastic Eggs

I was searching for new Easter egg decorating ideas over the weekend, as we like to experiment with a variety of techniques from year to year. This wasn’t “eggsactly” what I was looking for, but I loved the concept and just had to try my own version. This idea was adapted from “The Better Half“.

Wool Wrapped Plastic Eggs:

For this project, I used:

  • plastic eggs
  • wool
  • hot glue gun

I actually tried doing these eggs two different ways. For the first egg, I hot glued the end of the wool to the bottom half of the egg and then began to wind it tightly around the glued piece following a circular path. I used the hot glue to secure the strands every few rows, in random spots. This helped to keep the rows fitting tightly against each other. I worked from the bottom of the egg, beginning with small circles and after the first few rows I was able to flip the half egg over so that I had gravity on my side. This helped to keep the rows fitting snuggly together. Once I got to the middle, I slid the other half on and glued it in place (it can’t be opened). I have to say this was the WRONG decision. Don’t do it this way. When you get past the centre point and are working towards the smaller end of the egg, you are in a constant battle to keep the rows tight. I had to use lots of glue at very regular intervals to make it work. It looks fine, but took me about 3 times as long to do the second half.

I followed the same process for the¬†second egg, but instead of joining the halves together, I completed each separately and then slid them together at the end. I didn’t glue the halves of this egg together. If you decide to do this project, do one half at a time. This still allows you to open/close the eggs to place little goodies in them and would be especially nice in a little gift basket. You could also leave them closed and use them as part of an Easter centre piece. I had this wool on hand and just love the look of the multiple colours!

I have only made two eggs so far, but naturally I’ll be making a third, as I don’t want to break any decorating rules!