Custom Made Page Protector

I like to keep a phone list on the fridge that has contact information for family and friends. I used to laminate it, but I found that people’s numbers changed and I was unable to “edit” my list on the laminated surface. The page protector allows me to do little edits without having to re-print and laminate the whole list. I can either do minor edits by hand or re-print the sheet without having to laminate. This works much better and looks good too. Here’s how I did it.

Custom Made Page Protector:

I followed this comprehensive tutorial for the most part, but did not need to make holes to insert it into a book. I love the clean look and finished edges. This concept would be great to use in a scrapbook.

My project was not quite so pretty and more about filling a need. I keep my telephone list template on the computer, so the size remains constant and it is very little work to update the list. I stroked out phone numbers , so that takes away from the over all look, but here is a summary of the tutorial including the steps I used to make my sleeve.custom page protector


  1. Place page in bottom right corner of protector sheet. (This is actually the back, my list is double-sided and this is the spill over onto the back side of the list.)
  2. Be sure the page is pressed snuggly into the corner.
  3. Add on the width of your double-sided tape and then cut your page protector. (Cut the top of the protector sheet to same height as your paper.)
  4. Use narrow double-sided tape to adhere the left side of the protector together. Mine is about 1/8″ thick.
  5.  Lift the left hand side of the page protector and carefully place the double-sided tape along the outside edge of your page, being careful not to touch the paper.
  6. Cut a border about 3/4″ to 1″ wide and then fold the paper in half so it will slide over the edge. I made two, one slightly larger than the other, to create a layered look. Add the double-sided tape to the sealed edge on both the top and bottom. Peel the paper and slide border over.
  7. Here is the page protector with the paper removed. This allows me to update the information on my phone list whenever necessary.

I didn’t really think about it at the time, but of course realized later that I didn’t want the phone numbers all showing in my post. This last photo is not my actual finished product as I had to hide the contents of the document, but it gives you an idea of how it looks when its all done. The rectangle is the actual colour of original document. The photo of my phone list looks like more of a beige colour, but its actually this light yellow.

Mock Phone List