Footprints in the Sand

Our Thoughts Are With YouLast night, I received the very sad news that my Auntie Lynn passed away. Auntie Lynn always took the time to call and chat or keep me in the loop with family events and circumstances after I lost my mom. I always loved our conversations and was so thankful that she always thought to include me on her list of family to call in my mom’s absence. I enjoyed our visits on the phone and we’d often spend close to an hour “catching-up”. I was so sad to hear of her sudden passing. I lost my mom several years ago, but still have my dad and he is very healthy and a vibrant part of our life. My cousins had already lost their dad and my Aunt’s sudden passing makes the situation that much harder. My thoughts and prayers are with all who are touched by her loss. She was a strong woman with a generous heart and always put others before herself. She was loved very much and will truly be missed.