“WELL” Informed: The Billboard Project

A friend shared this link on Facebook and I was intrigued by the caption and just had to check it out. I absolutely love this concept and am fascinated by the creativity and ingenious of the team behind this idea. Water is one of the very few basic needs we really have in this world. These engineers figured out a way to convert air into water ~ amazing!  For most of us, we are immersed in a world of wants and desires and have completely lost sight of our true basic needs. I teach “Wants and Needs” in Kindergarten, so at least once a year, I do a bit of a reality check and remember that we don’t need a new car, flat screen TV, a puppy, a new pair of earrings, etc ~ we want them.

Billboard That Produces Water:

This video not only highlights a brilliant concept that is helping to provide water in Peru, but also forces you to take a moment and reflect on how easy we actually have it. I am almost embarrassed to admit that we have one of those water/ice dispensers on our fridge, and Eden would probably say we need it. We live in such an indulged society ~ makes me a bit sad. Check-out this video. I am not sure what this could mean for other countries in which water shortage is such a huge problem, but perhaps it can help in other areas as well.

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