Make-up Drawer Make-Over

Yes, I am on a bit of a roll. I got all of our hair accessories organized and moved on to the toothpaste drawer and then my make-up drawer. Despite the fact that we live in a heritage home, we’ve actually been blessed with pretty good storage space (in most areas). Our bathroom has an original built-in cabinet with doors and drawers. We we renovated our bathroom a few years ago, we installed built-in shelves, a medicine cabinet and a vanity that was previously an antique dresser, so we have lots of places to put our things. The down-side of this is that the ample storage also allows you to go way too long before feeling the need to clean and purge. It is long over due and I have been slowly making my way through the bathroom cabinets.  My make-up drawer looks so much better and I just have to share the one little tip that I am so excited about.

Make-Up Drawer Make-Over:

First, I need to start by saying that I did not go to the dollar store again. I purchased this magnet tape on a previous trip. I had seen this idea before, but I could never really get my head around where I might get a magnet that would fit and work in the space I needed it. Then, it occurred to me. Why not use magnetic tape? I could cut it any size I want and just use additional glue or staples to ensure it is secure. Worked like a charm!

I love how my “tools” are stuck to the magnet on the inside of the drawer and I no longer have to dig through my make-up to find what I am looking for. The magnetic tape was only a dollar for 24″, so there is still lots left for other projects.  This is an economical and simple storage idea!

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