My Weekend Shopping Scores

We have been in Grand Forks for the last few days for a hockey tournament and unfortunately the only scoring that has been happening is in the stores. Our poor boys team only won one game and has gotten shellacked most of the others. We’re in an atom tournament in which most of the kids are at least one year older than our boys….they are bigger than us, stronger than us, faster than as and in a nut shell, much better than we are. The boys have been a bit down on the ice and beating themselves up afterwards, but once we’re out of the rink, they have had an awesome time hanging out and swimming in the pool.

I do love watching Shay play, but must admit that this weekend’s games were a bit hard to watch with such lopsided play, so of course, I made it my mission to come back a winner, regardless of the score sheets! We still have a few stops to make, but I thought I would take the time to brag about my best “scores” so far.

There really have been some great deals, but the best by far was my trip to The Children’s Place. I found a rack marked 50% off the lowest ticket price and obviously got there before it had been too picked over. I landed Shay a pair of jeans, sweats, a sweater, an awesome hoody and two t-shirts. How much you may be asking? Brace yourself…..$15.65! The jeans were regularly $30 and I got them for 50% of $1.99 ~ 99 cents for jeans!  Of course, there really was no beating this, but I did manage to find a few other really good deals.

We did quite well at JC Penny as well. I ended up getting 7 items including a Melton coat for Eden, 3 pairs of jeans, 2 sweaters and a t-shirt for $59.96. The coat alone was regularly priced at $76, so not a bad deal.

melton coat

I got myself a $40 sweater for under $5 and a two pack of sports bras that were regularly $40 on for under $5, as well as quite a few other great buys. We haven’t hit Menards or Kohl’s yet, so I can’t wait to see what I can find there. I know I will be getting spray paint for sure as it is about half the cost of home.

Well, here’s to a better game today, more great deals and safe travels home!