Travel Tip: Packing Made Easy

We just got back from a great weekend in the states and I thought I would post a little travel tip. I am all about streamlining to make any and all tasks as easy as possible. One of the things that I did several years ago was create a basic packing list for each member of our family. Of course, the list varies depending on the location, nature of the trip and duration of the stay, but I keep the basic template and adjust the lists to meet our needs before printing them off for each member of our family. I do have specific lists that I have made and kept on file for things like summer camp.  Here is a sample list.

Packing list

What I love about this system is that I really don’t need to worry about packing. The kids are now old enough to pack for themselves. I provide the lists and they check off the items as they pack. It is worth the time to develop the templates and then take the few minutes necessary to adjust them for each trip, as it saves me the time and energy of thinking about who needs what for every trip and helps the kids to be more independent. They can add their own items to the bottom as well. This system works really well for the whole family!

P.S. Follow-up to yesterday’s post on best deals of our trip: Kohl’s didn’t disappoint…spent $70.28 and saved $387.15. Don’t you love how they print how much you saved at the end of your bill? I am a total sucker for that. Funny when all was said and done, it was Shay that scored the biggest! The boys’ clothes were by far the best deals of the weekend which was nice for once as it is usually E and I that come home with the most. Not this time. He got a whack of new clothes and I don’t think I spent more than $80 on him.

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